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How far can your imagination take you?

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Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to my friend and fellow Decadent author, Zee Monodee for suggesting a topic for my post today. I often find myself stuck on what to blog and I found I just had to answer this question:

 How far can your imagination take you; what’s the line you wouldn't cross in PNR?

The paranormal genre is limitless. The possibilities are endless. There are so many myths and fables; so many documented creatures, all of which have come from somewhere, and are ever changing depending on their origin. The veil of truth on the existence of magic, creatures, and lost worlds is so very thin.

I for one believe that all of the above existed once upon a time, and the idea that there is so much more out there, beyond what we have been taught to believe is real or not, oh, it’s thrilling. As a reader it makes a story so much more enjoyable, as an author . . . heaven, because we can recreate these creatures, these legends and myths, over and over, changing them to fit into our worlds, making them fresh and new; making them real, 3-D.

This genre is a playground in which an author’s imagination can run wild. It is a genre in which you are free to even create new creatures and worlds because where there is a touch of supernatural, anything goes. Who are we to say what is and isn’t real when it is created outside the boundaries of what is classed as “normal?” If it is paranormal then it exists; it’s real, because anything is possible within this genre.
In regards to my own imagination, I have yet to reach a limit; I have yet to reach or even find a line that I wouldn’t be able to cross, and that would be because I have yet to stretch my imagination to its full potential.

I have been writing stories for three years now--not include the few projects I had as a teenager – and I can honestly say that I have only dipped my toe in the slush that is my warped little mind. I know there are more stories in me, bigger ones, more daring, more adventures and definitely ones that cross into genres that I don’t feel brave enough to take on just yet. Ideas just keep coming, mostly as dreams, terrifying, provocative dreams; each one is very different – although most contain that special dose of paranormal - but I still feel like there is more. So, I write them down and put them away, but I haven’t yet come to a line that I couldn’t cross, because there is always a reason for why events in stories happen, and sometimes, they aren’t pleasant.

Talking about unpleasant, I could have crossed a line with my F/F dark erotic paranormal short story, On The Rocks, which is part of Decadent Publishing Edge Series. I could have made the outcome a lot different, less “satisfying” and possibly macabre. Believe me, I was tempted, but I was too amused by the way the story turned out. You see, On The Rocks was the first story I wrote where I picked a lesser known creature and had the chance to mould her into something completely different.

On The Rocks is sexy, terrifying, and a little twisted. Curious? Here’s a little taste:

   Her warm breath skated down my neck causing a shiver to curl around my spine. She straightened then slid her hands through my hair. My eyelids fluttered at the feel of her fingertips stroking over my temples and along my hairline.
   “I saw you watching us.”
   I stared at her. “Excuse me?”
   “Do you like watching?” She retrieved a few items from the vanity table, twisted two sections of my hair, and pushed the hair clips into place. “It’s all right. You can tell me, Meghan.”
My body tightened at the husky way she said my name. The knot between my legs pulsed under her piercing stare. I had no idea how, or even why she managed to get under my skin, but God, I wanted her.
   “I’m not a pervert or anything.”
   “I know you’re not.” She slid a chain of small red flowers into the black mass of my hair.
   “I just heard a noise. I guess my curiosity got the best of me.” I shifted on my seat. “I’m sorry—”
   “Don’t be. I liked you watching.”
   My nails dug into my knees as her hands moved down my throat. Her skin like satin—her touch, soft. She ran her fingertips over the top of my breasts.
   “I would have asked you to join us, if you hadn’t run.” Her gaze caught mine again while she slid her hand inside my skin-tone bra. “Will you run now, or will you do what we both know you want to do?”
~ * ~
Zenzie is promiscuous, but terrifying?
If you’re interested in finding out why, and what happens next, leave me a comment to be in with a chance of winning your very own copy of “On The Rocks.” A winner will be picked with the help of at midnight – 6pm est time – on October 20th.
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On the Rocks is the hottest club on South Padre Island, and Meghan’s new workplace.

If the warped mermaid uniform isn’t enough, the fact that she can’t stop thinking about the club’s singer, Zenzie, is. Everything about the female gets Meghan hot, but when she finally gets her shot with the temptress, it turns out Zenzie isn’t as perfect, or as human, as Meghan thought.

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