Friday, August 9, 2013

Food…and Sex?

By Dakota Trace

  Usually a good meal is a prerequisite for sex.  Or so they say.  But ever since I saw 9 ½ Weeks at an age I won’t mention, I couldn’t help but wanting to combine yummy food and sizzling sex. Then I ran across a call for Decadent’s new Foodie Romance line and inspiration struck!
  But I didn’t want to do just a simple recreation of the scene I watched in the movie.  I wanted whatever food I picked to be a sensual, if not downright steamy part of my story.   I wanted it to be a form a foreplay, but I didn’t want the food to be the traditional chocolate syrup or ice.  (Not that those condiments can’t be sexy as hell.)  
  So I came up with idea of using a more complex dessert – something that would require a chef to create it. Which makes sense since one of my heroes is a three-star chef).  But it also had to be the kind of dessert that could be used to tease…that’s when inspiration struck – BANANAS FOSTER! 
For those who happen to love food or be fans of Food Network, you realize this New Orleans dessert is a magnificent display of not only culinary talent but also showmanship.  Not only does it require some cooking skills in the putting it together, but the presentation is absolutely beautiful if it’s done right.  (For those of you who don’t know, this is a dessert that a chef caramelizes brown sugar, dark rum, and bananas by lighting it on fire AT your table before serving it over ice cream, waffles or crêpes.)  It seemed like the perfect dessert under the right circumstances. One couldn’t play with this dessert in the way I dreamed immediately after it was served…but reheated? Oh…yeah.  And that’s what occurred when my kinky chef, Isaiah decided to not only tie his lover, Sean to the dining room table, but use him as a canvas for the left-over dessert.   

So enjoy the snippet from His Just Desserts, and leave a comment for me about what you think would be the sexiest food to play with to enter the chance to win $10 Amazon Gift Card.  (Make sure to put your email address in the comment as well :D)

“Never once have I considered you my kept man. There’s nothing wrong with me wanting to take care of the man I love. I may be a lot of things, but I never once acted like I was better than you, or like I thought you were inferior to me. We were in love, and when I asked you come with me to Iowa City, you said no. You could’ve graduated a year early, but instead you wanted to stay in that Podunk town. I had to take advantage of the scholarship to U of I, so I left.”
“You could’ve stayed. It was only a year.”
“Could have, should have—it doesn’t matter now. It’s all water under the bridge. What I want to do is to offer you a substantial amount of money to come to my home, prepare a meal for myself and the partners.”
Sinking down into the chair, he rubbed the back of his neck. There has to be a catch. Old lovers just don’t show up and offer vast amounts of money, Waterson. “But?”
“But now, I have a feeling no amount would be enough to get you to pretend to be my lover for the night, and that’s what I need from you.”
A bitter laugh passed his lips at the irony. “This is just grand. I never thought I’d hear the mighty Sean Whitcomb offer to pay someone to pretend to be his lover. You’re a lover extraordinaire who could have a man any day of the week. Isn’t that what you told me before you left?” Unresolved resentment peppered his voice as his anger boiled over. He wanted to do more than punch Sean. He wanted to hurt him right where his heart lived. “So why don’t you go find one of them to do it? Better yet, see if you can’t call one of the modeling agencies and have them send over some hot guy to play the role, because the only thing that would convince me to agree is if I got to top you for a whole weekend. And it would be no-holds-barred sex. You’d be my bitch, for once—and I’d make sure you screamed with pleasure.”
“Is that what it would take, Isaiah?”
The soft tone should’ve warned him, but anger made him rash. “Yeah, it’s the only damned way…but we both know you’ll never agree to it. You never bottom, you never give up control, so this discussion is over—”
“No it’s not over. I agree to your terms,” Sean said. “One meal, a couple hours of pretend, and you get me for the whole weekend. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your pound of flesh. I’ll call tomorrow with the details.”

A click in his ear told him Sean had hung up.


Susan W said...

Truthfully I can't think of anything that's better than chocolate. Sauce, ice cream, pudding. Pudding that can be used like finger paint. Hum...

Chris J said...

I'm a fan of whip cream

Unknown said...

Cool Whip. lol

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Dakota Trace said...

Thanks to all that enterd. Congrats to Lea Ellen! chose you as the lucky winner. I'll be emailing you off line with your prize.