Thursday, June 13, 2013

The One Who Almost Got Away...

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By Sara Daniel

Imagine: A week before her wedding, the bride flies across the country to have a one-night stand with another man. Oh my gosh, are you as appalled as I am by that bitch’s behavior?

Okay, but what if someone else arranges the one-night stand as a surprise gift? What if her own mother gives it to her? What if she has no intention of going through with the liaison? What if she just wants one last glimpse of “the one that got away” before her wedding? What if her marriage is a cool business arrangement, rather than a love match? What if she holds faithfulness as the most important element of a relationship and vows never to cheat?

One of my favorite parts of writing romance is creating these larger than life scenarios and convincing readers that our flawed but likeable characters deserve unwavering support and ultimately a happily-ever-after with the right person.

I loved writing Caroline and giving her a HEA with the man she was meant to be with. Someday I’m going to give her poor groom his own well-deserved happy ending with a woman who will truly make him happy too. What about you? What fictional character have you cheered for despite dubious behavior or actions?

When her society matron mother presents Caroline with a one-night stand date a week before her wedding, she’s appalled. Even worse, the encounter will take place at the fantasy ranch resort operated by her high school lover, Javier Alvarado. Although determined to remain faithful to her fiancĂ©, she’s tempted and intrigued to see her first love again. It’s not like she has to sleep with him.

But one look and kiss later, she yearns for the man she walked away from so long ago. Unfortunately, when Javier discovers Caroline is engaged, all he can see is deception and heartbreak all over again.

Can a 1Night Stand from Madame Eve reunite them or will one night with the bride sever their ties forever?


Javier led Caroline to the seclusion of the stable then spun to face her. “Are you buttering up my employees to gather secrets about my resort so you can undermine my success and create your own for Sunburst Hotels?”

She blinked, her blue eyes owlish and innocent. “You think I arrived in a helicopter and announced my presence to the entire county to engage in corporate espionage? Granted, I don’t have any prior experience, but I think I’d take the under-the-radar approach. Arrive in a rental car and check in anonymously. Maybe apply for a job as a janitor.”

Okay, so he’d accused before thinking the idea through. Her closeness rendered him temporarily insane. He gripped her upper arms. “What are you doing then?”

“For Sunburst Hotels? Absolutely nothing. I quit my job a month ago.”

“You want to apply as my private janitor? I’m only in my office at night, and if you came in I guarantee you wouldn’t be emptying garbage cans.”

Her eyes grew even more luminous. “What would I be doing?”

“Stripping, so I could take you on my desk.”

Her lips parted, as if the image turned her on.

The hell with the desk. He pulled her flush to his body, wanting her immediately—in the stable, on his real turf.

“Wait.” She pushed against his chest. “We can’t just pick up where we left off fifteen years ago.”

“Why not? We’re two consenting, unattached adults.”

Of course, they had issues from the past to work through. But when they’d been together, she understood him the way no one else ever had.

“Um.” Her gaze dropped away from his. “Actually, I’m not unattached. I’m engaged.”

Author Bio: Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. Connect with her online:


Alexa Bourne said...

Sounds like a GREAT book!

Barbara Elsborg said...

That IS an interesting scenario. Better to be sure though, if you're going to marry, that you're marrying the right one! It reminds me of Susan Elizabeth Phillips last two books. One where a bride changes her mind right at the last minute and in the next book, we see what happens after she runs out of the church.