Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrall Web

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By T.K. Anthony

Hello, Dear Reader!
Have you thought about what you like best about reading?
I didn’t. Until my cousin recommended a well-regarded science fiction author. The author’scraftsmanship was simply...flawless. But he didn’t have a single character I liked well enough to cheer for, and when bad things happened to them, they never rose to the occasion. I didn’t even finish the book to see if they got the fates they richly deserved.AndI learned that if I don’t care about the characters, I don’t really care what happens to them, no matter how well the story’s written.
Turns out, characters also drive my writing. In the first draft of Forge, I had no idea what the story was going to turn out to be. But a few characters walked out of my backbrain, and they told me their tales. They’d wake me up at night if I hadn’t captured the scene the way they’d lived it.
And, just as in real life, you can tell what makes a character tick when they’re facing troubles. Boy, did my characters have a sea of troubles, playing for high stakes—their lives, their love, their souls...and the fate of the galaxy.
Keir and Nica, finding their way to love—while accused of treason, hunted across three star domains by an enemy agent who has gained the trust of their high king. Col, who had once rescued Keir from servitude, now captured and enslaved by the enemy. Would Keir and Nica rescue him from the enemy before she turns him against all he believes, all he loves? I had no idea, and the words poured out through my fingers, because I had to find out What Happened Next. And then they’d veto my idea, and take the story in another direction. The process of writing often seemed more like channeling rather than something I did on purpose. I had to chuckle when a professional editor told me I had a masterful grasp of plotting—it was really a masterful grasp on the seat of my pants while hanging onto my characters for dear life!
 And as I hung onto them, I came to love them, and wanted to see them succeed. (Well, not the villains.) SoI’m very excited that Forge: Book I of the Thrall Web Series recently cracked Amazon Kindle’s Top Ten in the Romance: Futuristic/Science Fiction category. Because none of this would’ve happened without the characters. Or you, dear Readers. On behalf of authors everywhere...thank you for sharing the love of the written word.

Forge blurb:
Warned by a Seeing

The high king of the Scotian Realm expects the arrival of an enemy, a race of psychic predators bent on galactic conquest. The Realm’s one hope is alliance with the neighboring star domains in defense of a shared colony, Forge.

Caught in Fate’s grim weaving

Mindblind, amnesic, Tazhret lives out his drug-induced visions of servitude on Forge. He wants to believe the beautiful woman with the nut-brown hair who whispers reassurances to his harrowed heart: “You have a name.” But is she even real? Or just one bright thread in his dark dreams?

An unexpected hope

Tazhret’s destiny leads him to freedom and the woman he yearns for—and to a desperate struggle against the enemy.

Tazhret can save Forge, and the clan of his beloved. But only at the cost of all he has hoped for: his name, his freedom, and his love for the woman with the nut-brown hair.

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