Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite Place to Unwind

By L.C. Dean
We all have that one place, often from childhood, that sticks with us. For some it is invigorating or exciting or relaxing. My favorite place is all three. There is a little camp in the heart of the Black Hills National Forest that is totally off the grid. It has two small cabins and one large one. As I remember it, the large one has a huge gathering room with a massive fireplace, a kitchen with gas refrigerator and stove, two bedrooms and a sleeping porch. No showers, in fact, no plumbing of any kind at any of the cabins. A stream runs along the one side with a steep hill up behind the cabins. The place is fully surrounded by pine trees with the occasional birch or elm thrown in. At the top of the hill rests an open church. It is little more than four half walls and a roof over several pews and is literally open to the environment.

So why is such a primitive place my favorite? Well, it was where my family all got together and bonded with nature and one another. Very difficult to do anything else with no phones, TV, or even a radio. :-) And, for me, it became a place of spirituality. Not because of the visiting ministers and lay preachers who would share the word with campers from all around the area, but because of the setting itself. The smell and beauty of nature had an awe inspiring impact on everyone. To this day, if I want to find my center, I project myself back to that hill, to the scent of pine, the chatter of squirrels and chipmunks, and the steadying and powerful touch of something greater than myself. In that space the rules of religions disappeared for me. No matter what name attendees might give their God, a loving, powerful spirit could not be denied even by the most cynical among us.

LOL – I look back at what I have written and my blog seems to have turned into a religious testimonial, but that is far from my intention. It is simply a reminiscence of where and why I have a favorite place—something I think everyone needs. A friend of mine found his place at a rock and roll concert. Another calls her husband her place. For each of us it is different, some have one for fun and another for something else, but I hope you have found at least one of yours. If so, I’d love to hear about it. Share and I will pick a winner for every 10 comments to receive choice from my Decadent Publishing backlist. (1-10 = 1, 11-20 = 2, etc.) The more who share the more winners!
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Laurel Cremant said...

I have to admit that I'm a total sap. My favorite place is anywhere I can be alone with my hubby :). We both enjoy quiet weekends where we can just be. Love this post it's a great reminder that everyone should have a place to be happy and recharge :)

L. C. Dean said...

Laurel, that does not make you a sap at all. It just makes you unbelievably lucky. Thanks for sharing.