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Interview with The Milkman

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Today I’m interviewing Kate Richards about her “Edge” book, The Milkman Cometh. An Edge story is sexy, manytimes kinky and preferably takes the reader somewhere they haven't been before. They have sex earlier than in erotic romances, and more often.

Now about the Milkman Cometh:

I love the opening of the book! The milkman who wants to be a city slicker and not a country boy. And he really seems to like his job. Tell us, has Roberto had any other encounters with the housewives of Los Angeles County?

Oh, yes. Roberto does share some of this in the story, but he’s quite the playboy. Of course, he didn’t have any reason not to…at the start.

My, it must get hot there during the summer! Okay, so I see Roberto does make deliveries – special deliveries, wink wink - on his route. And he’s already noticed Alicia’s tempting green eyes. Tell us, how long has she been fueling Robert’s fantasies?

Since the very first time she bent over to pick up her milk and he noticed the sweet curves under her less than tightly-belted robe. She didn’t mean to share, and was quite embarrassed afterward, but Roberto was interested in seeing so much more. 

It looks as though Alicia has noticed Roberto as well! What’s her secret plan? Why does she choose him? Where does she get the courage to put her plan in motion?

Alicia is tired of being the subject of gossip just because her husband has left her for someone else. She’s lonely and hurt at being abandoned by her friends. She doesn’t understand why he did her wrong and all the other wives treat her like a threat. So…if she’s going to be accused of something, she might as well have the fun!

Do they share sexual tastes? Are they a good match? Or is Roberto naturally a good match with every woman?

Roberto is, shall we say, gifted. He is capable of making many women’s carnal dreams come true. But his heart is not engaged until he meets Alicia, which also makes him an even better lover, since he desires to please her so much more.

Alicia is very emotional in this story. It’s as though a dam breaks. What has been holding her back all this time? What finally frees her?

It’s the 1950s, things are a whole lot more conservative and women’s roles more defined. She left her home and family in another state when her husband brought her to SoCal. Against their wishes. She is absolutely on her own, and her job ‘housewife’ went out the door with him. It took a while for her to process, grieve, and finally gather the courage to live her life as she chooses, but you’re right, once she does, watch out!

And Roberto changes too. It takes a lot for the sexy milkman to walk away from his long-time route. What makes him want to do so?

He doesn’t feel Alicia would appreciate his chatting with all his conquests on a daily basis, just being a considerate guy.

If you could go back and visit them six months later, what kind of sex would they be having? Can you describe it?

Ever heard of a key party? Roberto is not a saint, and Alicia is definitely cutting loose. While I am not saying that they would participate, you never know about these wild and crazy people once they get their guard down. And even if they don’t I have it on good authority, Roberto’s nephew has been even more of a run-around man than his not too much older uncle.

Thanks for letting me get to know Roberto and Alicia! I had a great time and know other readers will too.

Thank you for inviting me to stop by! I’d like to offer a copy of The Milkman Cometh to one of your commenters, if you’d like to close your eyes and select one at random.

Roberto’s reputation extends far beyond his efficiency as a milkman. He also provides intimate services to the many lonely ladies along his route. But he’s had his eye on a lovely divorcee for quite some time. One who has ignored all his flirting, so far.

Alice is ready to make a fresh start. Treated as the tract harlot, just because she’s on her own, she’s ready to make that name a reality. And she’s going to begin with the handsome milkman who has let her know on several occasions that he’s ready to deliver.

Roberto is playing with fire—a fiery redhead whose surprising innocence may steal his heart and leave the ladies of his route unsatisfied once again!

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