Friday, April 5, 2013

How Rebecca Royce Spends Her Day...

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by Rebecca Royce
In honor of my new release, Love In One Night, I thought perhaps I would let the world know the secret life of an author.  Or in other words, what an author goes through when a book is out on submission.  This is exactly my day when Love In One Night was sent to Decadent Publishing several months ago.

6:00 AM—Wake up. Get the kids up. Make sure the hubby gets his stuff in order and out the door.  Check my e-mail. Scroll through.  No e-mails regarding the submission. 

7:25 AM-Take the kids to school. Check email on the phone when I get there. Come home. Eat breakfast. Check it again.

8:45-Take youngest to nursery school. Check e-mail on phone when I get there. Answer the ones my Mom has sent regarding school pictures.  Get back in the car. Go home. Check e-mail.

9:30ish—Write. Stopping every 10 minutes to see if I have new e-mail. 

12- Eat lunch. Watch TV. Wonder if I have new e-mail. 

1- Write blogs, do promo stuff.  Check e-mail. 

1:30—Pick up my youngest from nursery school. 

2:30 Pick up my older two from school. 

3:00 Help with homework stopping to check e-mail periodically.

5:00-7:00 Cook and Eat Dinner with my family. Try not to think about my e-mail.

8-10 Watch TV with my husband

10:30 –Check e-mail one more time while my husband complains that I really need to put out the light. 

Wake up. Do the Same thing again.  So, you see, before a book is even contracted, a writer is OBSESSED with it.  That’s how much we love our books and how excited we are to get it to you.  I hope you’ll check out Love In One Night and that you’ll enjoy my Prepper short story.  I love it.  

Melanie is a woman prepared for disaster. If the world as she knows it were to come grinding to a disastrous halt, her sustainable living community will be ready and able to take care of the people in their area. She doesn't have a man in her life anymore, but she has her daughter and that's enough.

Until a tall, dark stranger drives into her life.

Griffith is on a mission to find Melanie's ex-husband Victor, who has stolen a very expensive new drug from a pharmaceutical company. Griffith is a man who can find what others can't. He never backs down from a fight and he's never afraid—until he sees Melanie. She steals his breath and makes him wish for things he's never wanted before.

These two people are prepared for everything, except the depth of their own need for one another.


Susan W. said...

I would be living on antacids just from all the waiting and worrying. LOL! Your prepper story sound really good. This is going on my To Buy list.

Barbara Elsborg said...

OOh another prepper story!!!!!! Sounds great, Rebecca!