Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Writing Spot

By Patricia Bates

As an author one place that I think we can all agree on is where that magical place is we'd love to claim as our own. Different people see it differently, what is a wondrous place for one person may be nothing more than drudgery for another.

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For me, it’s about being surrounded by the smell of books, of ink, and the warmth of sunlight falling on my shoulders. High windows opened to let the scent of roses fill my office. Hardwood polished to a shine, shelves full of books. Behind my ornate desk filled with top of the line computers and jars of pens with an endless supply of paper, a hand carved filing cabinet with delicate drawer handles.  All lend themselves to the peace and tranquility of my writing time...broken only by the low throb of music in the backgrounds.

Fantasy? For me it’s not about a fantasy - it’s a goal. Something I can use to drive me when my writing is stumped or I have need of a boost. We all deserve to have that dream, the aim of something more. Be it a tiny moss covered cottage on the hillside, or a castle overlooking the rocky shores, its part of us. Being a writer isn't just about creating worlds and characters for others but creating a very special place for ourselves where dreams can become reality and the muse is always content...but never bored.

The Preacher's Outlaw blurb:

Escaped convict Abigail Murphy’s on the run while plotting revenge on the man responsible for her imprisonment and the deaths of her parents. When she gets to Freewill, Wyoming, she gets lost in the bustle until she comes face to face with Daniel Yuleman, a man who could ruin everything.

Daniel is a man wearing two hats. Preacher and lawman, he’s been in Freewill for a couple of months waiting to pick up the trail of two killers when Abigail arrives. Told to watch her, he’s drawn by the shadows in her eyes. The closer he gets to her, the more dangerous it becomes. As her secrets come out, he finds himself fighting to keep her and their burgeoning love alive.

Can an outlaw capture the heart of a preacher turned lawman, or will they both end up on the run?


Patricia Bates said...

Thanks for hosting me today! I'm very excited to connect to my readers through this portal! Bring on the questions lol

Barbara Elsborg said...

You sound like you have a lovely place to write! I have an old desk that used to be my son's, an old chair that was second hand before my husband bought it, shelves of books behind me - and a box of tissues that lights up when you take one out. I am so easily distracted!!!
Congrats on your story - I love the cover and it sounds fab.

TessaBerkley said...

Love the smell of books! I so agree, sort of like Fonzy Bear, a writers habitat is being surrounded by books. Its almost like being a sponge and soaking up ideas, twist, and cliff hangers.


Cassandra Dean said...

What a fantastic place to write! I can almost feel the creativity such a space inspires.
Congratulations on The Preacher's Outlaw, it sounds great :)