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It’s a Pre Release Party!

Coming December 12, 2012  from Decadent Publishing!

By Mahalia Levey
Satin and Steel Releases December 12th from Decadent Publishing. I’m really excited about my upcoming release. Writing Amara’s story was such a joy. I’m also excited because it’s my first f/f/m story and paranormal to boot! There is something sexy about two women and a strong man becoming a trio, add in the rest of the pack, demons and a villain and you have a bang up story. 
In anticipation of my release,  we’ll be giving a copy away to a random winner and a small bubble envelope of swag! Make sure to comment and leave your email address.  Tell me what you love about paranormal ménages and a trio consisting of f/f/m, if you haven’t read f/f/m you’re in for a treat!

 Amaranta knows well the painful burn of inadequacy. Not being quite good enough for those she loves. Until her path changes in irrevocable ways. Kanima calls to her, death surrounds her as she grows into her craft. Hating the enforcer side of her she has no choice but to accept, she buckles down endeavoring to become the best of the best. She finds she hunts best alone, fending off all orders to hunt with a partner. Until the day her most valued treasure is taken from her. Amaranta must not only accept the help of others but find the strength within to face her greatest fear. The solution waits for her on a silver platter. All she has to do is grasp what’s readily in front of her.

Amara leveled her gaze on Gavin. Feeling a slight blush stain her face, she broke eye contact to quell the inner turmoil raging through her. She wondered where the soft-spoken voice came from, and why she suddenly had this blatant need for reassurance from Gavin. Snap out of it now! her conscience yelled at her. Great. The next time she saw a cricket, she’d stomp on it and revel in the sound of squashing a bug under her booted foot.
“You’re being for real?” Mari’s jaw had dropped open.
“Shh. It seems you’re my strength and weakness. Don’t let it out past this room, though. You’d ruin my reputation as an ice-blooded killer masked by my good charms and sweet personality.”
“Bullshit.” Gavin coughed the word behind his hand. He abandoned his post at the archway and moved toward them. Amara watched him with detached interest. Mari flicked a gaze between them and nudged her, leaning down to whisper in her ear. Amara jumped so fast at her words their heads collided.
“That fucking hurt. You have a head made of steel, Amara.”
“Damn it. Baby, I’m sorry. You surprised me. I can’t believe you think I’m interested in him,” she hissed low, offended by the accusation.
“You’re acting funny. Really odd. I’ve never seen you behave this way.”
“Drop it, sexy. I don’t want dick.”
“Keep on lying to yourself,” Mari volleyed back. Amara barely heard the last few words out of her lover’s mouth.
“Marisol.” Amara growled. “Drop it now.” Damn crazy woman goaded her into anger. Seeing the red haze begin to cloud her vision, she took a few calming breaths to shove her jaguar back in place.
“Ladies?” Gavin moved to come between them.
“Back off, mongrel.” Amara turned her body to the side, shoving Gavin with all her strength away from them. The bulk of his large frame crashed into the wall, knocking knick-knacks onto the floor. Draven and Theron both rose, she assumed to intervene.
“Kitten, sheath your fucking claws.” He extricated himself from the raining sheetrock and paint to stalk over to her. Rage sparkled in his eyes. He reminded her of a Berserker. Not good. Her calculations told her she could take him and win. The accuracy of such thoughts, when balanced against her ego, said otherwise. “No, you didn’t just call me some ridiculous, endearing term. We’re fighting right now. Stupid dog.”
“Oh, shit.” Mari squeaked and slid from her arms to Draven’s. Amara’s jaw dropped open. Her girlfriend wasn’t going to rub her back and calm her down. Instead, she took a front row seat. Heat suffused Amara’s face. By the look of things, the lapdog brothers of his stayed back, intent to watch, not interfere. In a dark alley on an equally eclipsed night, she’d find herself worried to go up against him. He drew his body larger with every step he took toward her. Amara quaked in her boots, not from fear but from the new awareness sparking within her. A feeling she didn’t like one bit.
Her heartbeat danced a new cadence as she fought between darting away and standing her ground. So what? A little plaster is good for a person. She curbed her rampant thought.
“We don’t have time for this. There’s a madman loose. I must hunt.” Hackles raised, she backed up a step for each one he took closer to her personal space. Gavin could easily reach out and shake her like a rag doll but apparently chose not to. She had no idea what his aim was or how to strategize a way out of venting his anger. Her gaze honed in on the growing bulge in his pants. When he turned from her and walked over to Marisol, she sucked in a deep breath, a sigh of relief. He murmured something to her girlfriend and she nodded her head yes to him.
“What are you two conspiring to do?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Gavin snapped her way, baring his fangs. He pivoted, heading in her direction, his jawline twitching.
Every assassin knew all entrance and exit points in a house. In the position she found herself against the far wall, nowhere to go, her only way out was to fight. I don’t want to hurt him.
Where her traitorous thought came from, she hadn’t a clue. He drew closer to her by taking larger steps than her small ones away from him. His scent hit her nose and her jaguar paced under her skin. Her pussy began to throb. To ache. Gods, the slight twinge intensified, bringing her to her knees. On wobbly legs she rose to stand her ground, defiant, her claws unsheathed for self-preservation. Her mouth salivated, wanting a taste. His eyes glimmered in amusement. She watched him trace his bottom lip with his tongue. Her nipples hardened from the sensual act. A brief thought of what his lips would feel like grazing along her skin flitted through her mind.
“What are you afraid of?” His coarse question broke through the erotic thoughts stream-lining in her head. The second he stepped close enough to cage her body between the walls and his chest, she faced self-truth.
“You. Me.” Her second word was lost to their audience as his mouth crushed down on hers and she was taken in a tailspin of sensations. His possession dragged her into an abyss of dark pleasure. Anger never tasted so good. She heard herself moan and couldn’t stop herself from running her hands up his chest, her body leaning into his for more. Gavin angled his head to part her mouth with his tongue. The taste of him sent shards of electricity to pulse between her thighs. Her needy cunt creamed. Startled by his effect on her, she struggled to break free, and realized she’d just become an active participant in Gavin’s kissing game, with her mate as audience in the room with them. Guilt overwhelmed her and she panicked. Gavin nipped her bottom lip between his teeth and bit. The look on his face told her they were by no means finished yet. He gave her one additional suckle, let go, and pushed off the wall out of her close proximity. Like a beast guarding his territorial rights, she watched him scowl at the additional members of his team who’d come in at an inopportune time, including some she-bitch to the right of the room, whose attitude hit her full blast.

Available Dec 12th from Decadent Publishing.
Check out the link to my character interview with Amara and Marisol!
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Susan W. said...

Congrats on the new release! If the rest of the book is like the excerpt it got to be good! I've only read one other f/f/m book and I really like it. It wasn't a paranormal but those are favorites too. Thanks for the giveaway!


Unknown said...

I loved the excerpt and cover! I haven't read a f/f/m book yet so hopefully this will be my first! Thank you for the chance to enter.

Liza O'Connor said...

great cover and excerpt.
congrats on the release.

Hales said...

Thanks Ladies!!!!

Unknown said...

FFm is just sexy. The way he can please both women. How soft and sensual the women touch each other and share him.


Hales said...

Thanks Josie!

Unknown said...

Your book looks awesome. I usually do MMF or some version there of so this would be newish for me. delphinareadstoomuch at yahoo

Chynarey said...

Happy Pre Release!!
I haven't had the pleasure of reading a paranormal f/f/m menage... But from the excerpt it sounds like a very interesting read...

Unknown said...

Happy per release and ffm is very hot reads I find especially if paranormal swing to it

Anonymous said...

looks hott!
not so familiar with f/f/m but have read a few m/m/f and they told of positions i never imagined!

Hales said...

Thanks for coming bycDelphina,Chunarey,Tina and Justine

Hales said...

THANKS Tina Sue and Liza, Wendy for commenting :)

Toya said...

I love paranormal romance for the fantasy factor and I love ménage put them together...excited.

jill said...

I have never read a f/f/m story. Only m/m/f or f/m/m/m stories. This will be very interesting to read. Can two women really share a man?

Hales said...

The winner is...

Thakns to everyone who left a comment!

Jeanie Johnson said...

So can't wait Mahalia! Darn you, I'm meant to be I'm dying to read...sheesh :)