Friday, December 7, 2012

A Very Russian Christmas

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By Krystal Shannan
I’m so excited to be here today, sharing about my new release with Decadent Publishing. I’m officially part of the DP author family. Writing A Very Russian Christmas was such a great experience. I love my editor Dana and the story is absolutely perfect because of her and the other fabulous people at Decadent. I actually cried a little when I saw the cover art, too. The artist captured the story perfectly.

The idea for A Very Russian Christmas came to me while reading Entertainment Weekly. I saw a picture of this really cute actor (don’t remember his name, sorry, I’m terrible with names) and the character Matt O’Reilly just popped into my head. I instantly knew he needed someone with a little extra spunk to fill the void left in his heart from losing his wife –thus enters Ksenia Sharanov. (I think I just finished watching a James Bond movie, LOL) The story was a blast to write and my first taste of writing a contemporary romance. My other book and planned books are all paranormal romance.  After writing Matt and Ksenia’s story, I know I will write lots more contemporary.

I can’t wait to hear what readers think of A Very Russian Christmas. Be sure to let me know if you crave toast and jelly afterward! *wink*

For most of her adult life, bodyguards have shadowed Ksenia Sharanov, daughter of a Russian mobster. Her one serious relationship left her broken-hearted when she learned he only sought her father’s power and money.

A ski vacation with her college roommates ends on a terrifying note. Her father’s enemies have been following her more closely than anyone could have anticipated. The mistake will cost a life…but will it cost her heart? Or will she find love in the arms of a complete stranger?

Matt O’Reilly, a retired Marine, generally keeps to himself. Working as a deputy in a small country sheriff’s office, provides just enough seclusion for him to cut himself off from his family’s pity and the heartache of losing his wife. He never thought love would be in the books for him again. Will the sudden arrival of a spunky dark-haired Russian beauty change his mind?

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Krystal Shannan


Susan W. said...

You just never know where you'll find inspiration! Blurb caught my interest. Going to check it out!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Sounds fascinating, Krystal. I do like stories about Russians or Russia! Set this in a ski resort and you've ticked another box for what I like!
Congrats on the release.

Hales said...

What a great cover and sounds like a fabulous story!!!

Krystal Shannan said...

Thanks! I hope you all enjoy the story!

L.C.D. said...

sounds like a great read