Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Menage

Dear Santa,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written but circumstances dictate that I communicate with you as soon as possible in order to avoid a misunderstanding that could interfere with our business relationship. As regards our meeting on the night of the 24th of this month, I would hate to have industry (mine or yours) gossip interfere with your arrival.
Let’s face it, elves have big mouths and love to read sexy stories. I hear it helps them keep warm up there!

So, rather than hide behind pretty words, I’ll admit it. I write Christmas ménages. I realize the concept may be a little advanced but before you put me on the Naughty list, allow me to state my case.

Christmas is not all about toys—don’t faint! I think it’s more about love. Love comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and numbers. There is the love for our families, our friend, our communities, and of course our significant other(s). If two people can love one another, why can’t three? Especially with the magic of Christmas to lend a hand! Just in case you or Mrs. Claus has time to read in this busy season, I’ll tell you about a couple of my stories.

Buy Avalon for Christmas HERE!

Avalon for Christmas – Pete hopes the magic of the holiday season will help him to mend the friendship one night of teenage indiscretion tore apart. A dozen years have passed and it will take all the Christmas spirit in Avalon to mend the rift and just maybe bring the three of them together for a night of explosive sex that will catapult them into a happy ever after beyond any of their wildest dreams…

And of course…the one just released today…

Buy Two Men and a Virgin HERE!
Two Men and a Virgin - Andie’s first trip to the 49th state is not just for sightseeing. She’s emptied her bank account to bring the two men of her dreams to Castillo Lodge, in Castle, Alaska for a Christmas Eve date of a lifetime. Only…they don’t know their date is also their best friend from back home.
Paul and Rex were delighted to “win” a date from Madame Eve, although they were surprised to find there had been a contest. Still, they plan to make the most of their time away, skiing, dogsledding…romancing a mysterious woman who is looking for two sexy guys for a night of over-the-top passion. A stranger with whom they can be themselves, and not have to hide their secret.

So, dear, dear Santa, I think you will agree that a Christmas ménage is completely in the spirit of the season, and what I would like for Christmas is a review by you or Mrs. Claus. Not the elves, please. They tend to just read for the spicy parts and miss the sweet and I think you’ll agree that it takes both parts to make a magical Christmas tale come true!

Love to you all,

Kate Richards
Christmas ménage writer


Taryn Kincaid said...

Hmmm. I think we all know what list that naughty Kate Richards is going to be on!

(Can't wait to see Santa and Mrs. Claus' reviews, though!)

Books Books and More Books said...

Super Cute Letter to Santa!

Heather ~ Books Books and More Books

Kate Richards said...

I only hope I convinced him! I'm afraid I'm going to get a lump of coal and even I can't think what could be sexy about that!

Kate Richards said...

Oh and thanks ladies! I can count on you if he asks what list?

Kate said...

Ooo sounds good!

Di said...

Naughty Santa!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Susan W. said...

What a great letter to Santa!

Jessica E. Subject said...

I think you pleaded your case well. Hope you get some naughty presents from Santa. ;)

Kate Richards said...

OH thanks, me too!

Theresa Esterline said...

I'd like to read Avalon for Christmas next.

Kate Richards said...

Hope you like it! It was one of the fun ones to write!

pc said...

Love this letter to Santa! I think naughty reads area definite reward!