Friday, November 9, 2012

Feels Like the First Time

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There’s something magical about romance books.  Romance genre readers have their own reasons for what that magic is. For some, it’s watching the love develop. For others, it’s falling in love with the hero or heroine while staying true to your own significant other.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a billionaire playboy, a sweet governess, a sexy foreigner, a cowboy, or even a sparkly vampire. What matters is how many heart palpitations you get when you read the story. I have the Flutter-o-meter. If the story makes my tummy do this weird fluttery thing, the book is a keeper!

But one of the favorite themes in romance is THE VIRGIN STORY. Okay, so we don’t need to get down and dirty about our first time here, but it’s fun to see someone else experience their first time.  I’ve read all kinds, from sweet, to poignant, to rough and tumble. Doesn’t matter…the first time is the one we remember!

Nobody tells a better VIRGIN STORY than Kate Richards. Starting with The Virgin and the Playboy, one of the very first 1Night Stand stories at Decadent Publishing (and still selling like hotcakes!), the sequel is finally OUT!

Welcome The Virgin and the Best Man!

Mark and Julia from The Virgin and the Playboy have set the date! They are to be married at The Castillo Las Vegas, where they met on their 1Night Stand. All their family and friends are invited and they have planned a special surprise for their maid of honor and best man.

Karin, Julia’s cousin, a small town librarian, chose family obligations over her dreams of the stars. She loves them all, but wonders when it will be her turn to live as she wishes…if it isn’t too late.

Ray, commercial pilot, is every bit as much a playboy as his brother Mark used to be. He isn’t opposed to finding The One, but fears his brother has collected the only perfect jewel.

What more appropriate gift for these two than a 1Night Stand with a date personally selected for them by Madame Evangeline?

So tell us what your favorite romance genre /subgenre is!  Anything goes (keep it clean though!) and help give Kate even more inspiration for her next VIRGIN STORY! One lucky commenter will receive the ebook of their choice from Kate’s backlist at Decadent Publishing!


Barbara Elsborg said...

How to pick a favorite!! I'll read anything but if there is humor in the story - that swings it right in my direction.

elaing8 said...

I have lots of favorites :) paranormal romance and menage stories especially m/m/f ones.

Susan W. said...

I'll read just about anything that has a HEA preferable but a HFN works if the stories good. I really like paranormal, meneage, military, western and BDSM. See! Just about anything! LOL!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Oh my gosh! I read just about everything romance. Started reading historical romance again, too. Would have to pick sci-fi romance, I guess.

And I judge a book in the same way. LOL

Can't wait to read The Virgin & The Best Man! Already on my e-reader. :)