Thursday, August 30, 2012

School Time!

by Denise McCray

          Aww! It’s school time again and I love it. Yeah, I was the nerd who looked forward to the first day of classes instead of the first day of summer vacation. The smell of a new book, the freshly sharpened pencils, and those blank notebook pages: Is there anything better?
          When my son was growing up, I loved going to the stores and buying his supplies. Truth be told, I probably bought more things for me than for him. My home is full of pens, folders and paper of all types. I could donate a year’s worth of supplies to a local classroom and still have a ton of stuff left.
          Now that my baby is a man and living on his own, I still love to stock up. Now I use these items for my writing business. What about my computer, Alphasmart and iPad? Yeah, I use them to write, but when I start a story, it’s pen to paper.
          So, what are your feelings about the first day of school? Leave a comment and let me know. While you’re on the computer, drop by my newly designed website at You can sign up for my newsletter there, too.




Barbara Elsborg said...

I HATED school HATED HATED HATED it. Have I made that clear?? LOL But I love pencils and paper. Adore them. I always thought i should have opened a shop except, I'd never have been able to sell my preciouses......

Taryn Kincaid said...

I loved those pristine notebooks with all that lovely blank papers. So much promise. I dunno. I guess I kinda liked school most of the time. I mean, I kept doing it over and over...and just when I thought it was done... hey, look! Haven't tried THAT yet!