Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving past your comfort zone

by Cari Quinn

Today marks my first release with Decadent Publishing, VIRGIN TERRITORY. I’m so excited for this book to hit the virtual shelves because for a while, I wasn’t sure it would see the light of day. It went through several rounds of revisions before I submitted it, all in the hopes to make the story closer to what I’d envisioned it as in my head. Luckily Decadent loved the story and my terrific editor Rie Langston helped make it shine!

In VIRGIN TERRITORY, the hero, Vincent, is a man with a problem. He has a looming deadline for a Christmas erotic romance and he hasn’t been able to get his muse talking. Normally when he can’t write hot, he engages in a steamy no-strings affair to crank the mojo, but this time, the only woman he wants to, ahem, engage with isn’t interested. Or is she? Before he can find out for sure, he’s shot in a convenience store holdup protecting Kiki. Next thing he knows he’s in a hospital bed with a painful shoulder injury and Kiki offers his only hope to get his book done on time. Luckily she’s more than woman enough for the job. Now if they can only stop arguing long enough to write love, not make war…

One common recurring theme in the book is moving past your comfort zone. IT geek Vincent had to in order to start writing sexy books in the first place. He also has a few opportunities in the book to do so as well, thanks to Kiki’s insistence. And Kiki, well, after suffering through a bad breakup, even giving in to her urges in Vincent’s direction is moving outside her comfort zone. And writing erotic romance with her crush? Hoo boy, she’s definitely overwhelmed there. But both of them find how exciting it can be to emerge on the other side of that comfort zone, especially when you have someone amazing waiting for you.

What about you? Is there something you’ve done lately that’s taken you beyond your comfort zone? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a Decadent ebook of YOUR CHOICE!

Before I go, here’s the blurb for VIRGIN TERRITORY if you’d like to find out more!

Network analyst by day, erotic romance writer by night, Vincent Buonfiglio is dealing with a work-in-progress that has gone colder than winter in his hometown of Ridgley, North Dakota. So what does a man who needs to write hot do to get cranking? 

Search out a woman for a night of no-strings sex, of course.

But his choice of partner, Katherine "Kiki" Wyatt, manager of the Quikky Snak Gas & Lube, isn't biting. Flirting over his nightly chili dog is one thing. But a date? Sex? Not happening. Dangerously sexy geeks are off-limits no matter what they might have to offer outside the bedroom.

When an armed gunman changes everything, will deadlines, exes, and mind-blowing sex prove opposites don’t always attract or allow two unlikely lovers to pen a happy ending?

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Barbara Elsborg said...

That's a coincidence - two posts with the same point about comfort zones!! I think not doing things that challenge you makes for a very dull life. Not that I'm going skydiving anytime soon, but not always eating the same thing in the restaurant I like, not always picking the genre I prefer - be different!