Friday, April 20, 2012

Love. Obsession. Murder. Blood Flows in Red River

by Laura J. Garland and Debbie Gould

DEBBIE: Ohhh, we get to talk about Sins Of The Mind today. This is a story I had rambling around in the back of my head. I think I even had the first chapter down when I asked if you thought you might want to write a story with me.
Your turn. (turns around) Hello?

LAURA: Right here! Just grabbing a mocha Frappuccino over there at the Red River Café. Man, these things are addictive. Here, gotcha a bottle of water and a red velvet donut.

DEBBIE: Awww, you know me so well.

LAURA: (grins) So, writing together…. Yes, you’re exactly right. I remember you and I had been on the forums together for around a year, and then I got an email from you saying you had a story idea that you thought I might be interested in and maybe we could co-author it. And of course I was!

DEBBIE: It was the beginning of a great partnership, lol. Sins of the Mind was different though from what you'd written in the past. Darker wouldn't you say? 

LAURA: I'd written romantic suspense, paranormal romance and SFR, and they all had a hint of darkness here and there. But yeah, once you and I started brainstorming, the twisted darkness really came out…. And I don't see it going back in that box. What about you? Did you see your kernel of an idea turning into this warped plot we ended up with?

DEBBIE: Well, I knew who I wanted the bad guy to be, but I sure didn't see the twists and turns we had coming. My favorite little annoyance is the local attorney at law, Elliot Swanson. Can't wait to see if the readers hate him as much as we do. And, I totally think he should be in every book of the series just so we can get that Elliot factor in there. He's such a little worm, lol.

LAURA: I agree. He’s the type who thinks he has to be in the middle of everything. Just a tad narcissistic. How he gets dates, I’ll never know! Hey, how’s that donut treatin’ ya?

DEBBIE: Can’t you tell since it appears to be all gone? lol. The best part of writing this book and the others that we write together is that somehow we are see the same things playing out and if I come up with an idea you always expand on it and make it even better or visa versa. It's darn scary sometimes the way our minds work together.

LAURA: Spooky indeed!

DEBBIE: So what do you want our readers to know about Red River where Sins of the Mind takes place? The one thing I want them to know is that this won’t be the last of Red River they see. We have, what, the next two stories mapped out?

LAURA: Yes, we do. I’m thinking the body count will be going up. So, hopefully, more suspense, murder, and mayhem. Oh, and romance. I just love the romance between Ethan and Abby.

DEBBIE:  The twisted psycho in the next Red River Series is going to be even more demented than the one that tortured Ethan and Abby in Sins, lol. But Ethan and Abby pulled through stronger than ever and ended up with a love that we know can survive anything thrown at it. That’s what I love about this story and series. We put the H&H through the gambit and they come out swinging harder and more committed to each other than the day before.

LAURA: Yeah, we did put them through the ringer, didn’t we? (sigh) Good times.

DEBBIE: LMAO Do people know you’re so sadistic?

LAURA: Not till you just told them. (elbows Debbie) Sheesh! But I know just how to smooth this over. We’ll give away a free copy of Sins of the Mind to one of our lucky commenters!

DEBBIE: Absolutely!

LAURA: We should also let people know about our blog where we announce our book releases, discuss random topics, and interview other authors: Hey, why don’t we walk down to the river, or did you want to get another donut first?  

DEBBIE: I bet I can stay away from the donuts a lot easier than you can stay away from the Latte! Besides, I want to see if that cute FBI dude is still down there fly fishing. I know, I know, we have a woman for him, but maybe he has a friend.

LAURA: (holds up hand) Guilty. The coffee comment is absolutely true. (gestures over shoulder)And as far as the guy fly-fishing, I saw him heading down that way when we exited the café. Yes, we’ve already lined up a woman for him. But hey, I can get you Elliot Swanson’s number! 


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued, and definitely want to learn more. Thanks for the interview!

VS Morgan said...

Great blog, ladies!

Jessica E. Subject said...

You two are amazing together! I look forward to the release of Sins of the Mind! :)

All the best!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Coffee and friends - perfect!!! The story sounds great, congrats!