Thursday, April 19, 2012

From There to Here

Hello! I’m Laci Paige, at least that’s what I’m telling you. Laci is my alter-ego who writes adult contemporary stories. I also write young adult stories using my birth name, which I won’t share with you. Some people are having a hard time with why I’ve decided to keep the two identities separate from one another. Here are a couple of reasons:

1.           I wouldn’t want my young adult fans reading Laci’s stuff.

If word got out to my teen fans that I’ve written other works under a different name, I’m afraid they might search those stories out. As a mother of two children I’d have a problem with that. I wouldn’t want to see advertisements for M rated movies on the Disney channel, same difference. 

2.           To shield my own children from Laci’s world.
When they’re adults if they want to read it that’s fine, I just hope they never tell me about it. My children know I write adult stories. My son, who is in middle school, was mortified when I told them I had another pen name. I explained they couldn’t read those stories until they’re older because the stories are sensual. His eyes went wide and he asked, “Why would you write about that?” I thought, “You’ll figure it out in a few years”, but I went on to explain that they are stories about adult life, and sex is very much a part of that. He shrugged it off, and hasn’t brought it up since. My high school age daughter could care less. We are an open family, and we talk about everything. Sometimes they share a little too much info, but I would rather too much than not enough. The things they tell me that go on in public schools nowadays almost make me blush. (I said almost). I think the two of them can school me on a few things. But they are still just kids, and they don’t need to be immersed in Laci’s world, regardless of their real-world public school sex education. Laci doesn’t even come out to write until they go to bed at night.

So how did I get from there (young adult novels) to here (adult contemporary)?
When I was writing my young adult stories I always had to hold back and/or tone down the kissing. I even had one beta-reader tell me straight up that I was getting into the soft porn category with one of my scenes.

After reading a few of Decadent Publishing’s 1NS novellas and some of their main stream stories, a light bulb went on. I figured I could write an adult story and not have to hold back, get it out of my system, and then continue on with my YA stories. It worked!

Laci’s debut adult novella, Let’s Keep on Truckin’ has a release date of May 8th. I don’t have my official blurb yet, but I can tell you that you don’t have to like trucks to read and enjoy it.

It would appear that Laci has a love of all things transportation. She has a few WIP’s right now, and not meaning to do it on purpose, they all have a transportation theme. “Shy Boy” involves a limo, “Smooth Sailing” a sail boat, and an outlined story involves an airplane. What will she think of next?

If you’re interested in contacting me about my young adult title, or if you want to drop Laci a line, you can do so at:

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fiona1964 said...

I Love this blog a lot

Jessica E. Subject said...

I completely understand why you keep the two identities separate. I hope that I can be just as open with my children when they get older. It's starting already, and my oldest is in grade three.

All the best!

Amanda Leigh said...

Great post! Enjoyed hearing the reasons behind the two pen names.

GingerRing said...

Having a different identify is a great idea and gives you a lot more freedom to express yourself.

bas1chs said...

I have a hard enough time keeping my one identity straight, I can't imagine having another identity. But I guess it does allow for a different kind of freedom and creativity.

Best wishes on the publication!

VS Morgan said...

Hi Laci,

Great post! Congrats on your upcoming release!

DBookWhore said...

The cover is HOT!!!

Vanessa N. said...

Love the cover! Thanks for the giveaway.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Good luck with the release, Laci. I think you're very sensible to keep these sides of your writing seperate. We freak out our kids enough without adding this into the mix!

rasia said...

I think it's great to write under two names. I know when I like a book by an author I look for more of their work. So this is the best way to keep it out of kids hands, and it also gives you a certain freedom doesn't it :)

Laci said...

Congrats to Rasia! Email has been sent!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read, enter or comment!

The two pen names do allow me more freedom to write ;) and I do love my cover!

@Jess, that's the age it starts nowadays...keep an eye on them! lol (My 12 yo son horrified me by coming home with a blow job joke last week - I just smiled and said please don't repeat that again).

@bas It is a challenge to keep up with my different personas! But I am getting into a schedule so it's working out :)

Thanks again everyone! :)