Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tales of the Sweet Magnolia

“Perhaps we will gradually get used to the weird ways of our cosmos and find its strangeness to be part of its charm.” ~Max Tegmark, Cosmologist

From the time moment I saw Somewhere in Time with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, the idea of time-travel has fascinated me. Though admittedly I am still in the dark as to which theory(there are a number of them!) on time-travel I find most fathomable, one thing is remarkably clear—if time-travel is possible, then while it may take another ten thousand years to discover the secrets of it—it is, in fact, inevitable. That alone intrigues the ‘geek’ in me and if you’re a fan of Dr. Who or Torchwood, then I have little explaining to do to convince you. However, for the romance writer in me—it opens up a whole world of possibilities. One of the first truly romantic time-travel books I ever read was Christina Skye’s Highland fantasy, Christmas Knight (Avon, 1998) aside of Skye’s brilliant storytelling skills, it is a portrayal of what is possible when the power of ‘love’ is added into the equation. It took me several years before I attempted my first time-travel and it came in the form of a tiny novella called, “Wild and Unruly” about a sequestered present day librarian who finds a necklace and is transported back to a mining town in 19th century Nevada. Here she meets and falls for the town's Sheriff. Now another passion of mine is researching and in my studies of the old west I have developed a particular fascination (if not new regard) for the ‘soiled doves’—the women who owned and operated the saloons, bordellos and parlor houses of that era. It intrigues me, in a way only human nature can, that while these women were popular among the men who frequented their establishments for the obvious reasons, at the same time they were often shunned, ostracized by the general public. They were subject to sub-standard and dehumanizing rules and regulations and yet it was most often the madams of the bordello houses that became successful businesswomen (as we would define successful in that era.) Aside from working unofficially with the law to help keep the peace with unruly transients like miners and gamblers, great sums of money subsidized the projects that kept the town thriving. Funds, however, that were passed under the table to merchants, clergy and other administrative officials. Put simply--many a town survived (literally) on the backs of these ‘soiled doves.’

But I digress…romance and time-travel. “If you build they will come…”

spoken by James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams, is not too very far off the similar concept when you talk to an author. We’re in the business of transporting readers to places they may never have been before, or giving a different perspective of a place they may be in now—for most romance readers, we just want everything to turn out okay in the end. We want good to win out over evil, even if the evil is the hunkiest, ‘bad boy’ on the planet—we hope that somewhere, somehow –love will touch him, he’ll find redemption and wind up with the girl.

Time-travel is simply another extension of that ‘escape’ into another world philosophy. The method I choose in writing my style of time-travel is a bit more ethereal, rather than scientific—for example, in Wild & Unruly, I have tangibles (necklace, a quirky secondary character who pops up unexpectedly as a real time person) but I prefer to play upon the unknowns—the deeper psyche of human nature, if you will. Is it the necklace, the funny grey-haired gent that makes the time-travel possible?Or is it that the timing is right in the universe combined with my heroine’s deepest heartfelt longing that makes her fantastic journey possible? In a nutshell, is it the power of love—that makes time-travel possible? Such a simplistic notion, isn’t it?

I’ve taken this concept and created a series called tales of the Sweet Magnolia. The first book, Wild and Unruly, is an extended version, with new scenes added to the original novella. It features the journey of librarian /bordello madam Lillian White and her legendary hero, Sherriff Jake Sloan and asks the question, can a love so powerful that it draws two people together through time—also keep them together? I suppose I could tell you that outcome, but you’d be better to read the story and experience firsthand Lil and Jake’s fiery, complicated romance and find out that answer for yourself!

In my second book in this series, another resident woman of the Sweet Magnolia wishes she could meet the man who wrote the music played by her one-time mentor, Miss Lillian. By taking lessons from a traveling grey-haired piano teacher, she finds a greater connection in the music. It reaches deep into her soul, drawing her to present day Reno, where her life is upturned when she becomes witness to a drug cartel murder and injured, is taken in by a scarred undercover cop on a personal mission to find the guy who killed his brother. Fallen Angel, is slated for release later in 2012, just in time for a steamy, romantic holiday read!

If you happen to be in the Chicago area, I’ll be signing Wild & Unruly at the upcoming RT Booklover’s convention multi-author bookfair, on April 14, 2012.

Meantime, I’d like to pose the question—do you believe in time-travel and if so, what time period would you want to travel to? Leave your comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Wild & Unruly!

Until we meet again~
Amanda McIntyre
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Barbara Elsborg said...

Do I believe in time travel? Not currently but I can't help but see what advances we've made over the last fifty years and think - maybe it will be possible. I certainly like the idea of it - I've always wanted to have a go at writing one but it's the means of transportation I want to get right. Until I can come up with something different - I'll stick with this time.
Where would I go?
Regency England BUT only if got to be a rich bitch! I don't want to be taken for a scullery maid.

Anonymous said...

I do believe in Time Travel. I believe in many things that would make others cringe. I believe we are being observed already by those from beyond our time. If I could time travel, there are so many variants I need to know. Can I bring things with me or would I inhabit a new body? Can I use my knowledge of the future or is that forbidden? Who is to say we are living on one of indefinite threads (Star Trek theory here!!) where one small change can affect our world. (or see Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow). If I had to inhabit another body I would want to go back to Tudor times. I want to see the famous whose who of that era. Or if I could bring things with me, I would love to travel back to meet John of Gaunt and see if he really was as handsome as they say (but be able to have cures for like the plague and anti bio's because well you never know!) I would want to travel even further and see what our ancestors were really like, and see the Ice Age. Oooh now see this gives me an idea, of a soul searching through time indefinite for her soulmate and being plonked from time to time until she finds him and has one small sliver of a chance to be with them for eternity or if failed be forever without their 'One'. Thank you Amanda for the chance to blabble! (Blab/ramble). It has been fun juicing up the brain thinking on this one!
Ti Colluney
eternais bliss at aol dot com

Amanda McIntyre said...

Cool ideas and glad to help get the brain juices bubbling, Ti!

I suppose the great thing about literary escapism is that we can be in the present and visit both the past and the future on a whim;)

Has anyone ever felt like they'd lived or "should" have been more at another time?

Thanks for stopping by!

Tin said...

I do!

And I like the idea presented in "The Time Traveler's Wife" -- though I would like to be able to control where (and when) I go --

I honestly don't think I would like to travel back in time -- or forward. I'm fairly happy in the present. ^_^

Lindsey Brookes said...

Looking forward to seeing you at RT. If I traveled back in time, I'd hope I'd be found and taken in by a sexy hero.


Connie said...

I would love to have lived during the 1800's. That time period was, in part, elegant and difficult depending upon one's wealth and stature in society. There were so many changes occurring and countless inventions being made that improved the lives of everyone. When I read a book that takes place during that time, I like to completely immerse myself in it so that I can actually feel the descriptions of the author.

I'm looking forward to reading WILD AND UNRULY. It sounds like a terrific novel! Thanks for offering the giveaway to your readers.

I wish you a happy birthday. Mine was on February 18 so I offer you a toast!

Connie Fischer

Mary Keith said...

I do believe in time travel and would love to be a time jumper. I have no idea what time period, but I think any would be interesting. Would love to read your book it sounds interesting.
Mary Keith

Anne said...

Happy belated birthday!

I don't believe in time travel but if it existed, I'd probably skip around, much like the Doctor.

The one time I definitely want to go back to was maybe a year before my grand mother died so we could have an adult to adult talk (she died when I was 10). I'd like to know her as an adult would.


Christiana said...

I would have to say unequivocally, that Yes I believe... in possibilities, and to me Time travel is just that, a possibility. Somewhere In Time is also one of my favorite time travel movies, however I've always been fascinated by the idea of time travel, and if given the choice I think I'd gladly wander through time, not sure I'd stay, I think it would depend on if there was something or someone to keep me there.

My favorite times to visit would be Scotland and Ireland just about any time, England in "King Arthur's" time (or at least the time suspected as his- I'm still not convinced that he did or didn't exist, lol.) The Gold rush of the 1800's in Colorado, having been born and spent many years there, I'd love to see what it was life before Denver and the surrounding area's destroyed so much of the natural beauty of the area.
I also think the 1860-65, and 1776 would be interesting times in US History to explore.

Unlike the inventor in The Time Machine I am not sure I'd want to see what the future holds, yet curiosity is niggling in the back of my mind. Do we colonize the moon? Do we blow it up? Do we expand to other planets? Do we create colonies under the oceans? Do we find the truth about Atlantis?

Okay so Obviously I love history and Myths, Legends, and time travel would allow me to explore that more.

Thanks for the wonderful post, I had a lot of fun with this. Happy Birthday Amanda, Yesterday was my gram's too.


joan lobrutto said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Yes I do believe in time travel. I think I would like to go to any time period as long as i could get back to my family.

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday. Time travel stories are favorites. There is something about a person being plunked into a time and place they are usually unprepared to deal with. Yes that can happen culturally here and now, but we have an out - go back home. In time travel, that is seldom an option. A person going back in time has the advantage of knowing a bit through history. They are at a disadvantage in having to live minus the conveniences we take for granted. For someone who travels forward in time, there is much more of a disconnect. They have no idea what to expect or what is possible. They have no real frame of reference to deal with all that is different. When it comes to the choice to remain in the new time or return to their own time and place, the character is often asked to make a difficult choice. Give up all they know forever or leave what they have come to love.
Do I believe in time travel. I don't really think it is possible beyond the imagination. Nice thought though. It would really upset history if it were possible. Thank goodness we can accomplish it through our imaginations and those of the many authors who give us such enjoyable stories of those who have been put in that dilemma.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe in time travel. I also believe that the Universe is capable of an immeasurable amount of things our little human brains can't even imagine.

Genella deGrey

Sue P. said...

I wouldn't count out out because there is so much we don't know about how the universe works. Unfortunately, I haven't read many time travel books that I felt worked. And this would be a new author for me. I would love to visit either Victorian or Elizabethan England. Am fascinated with English history and have been since I was little.

I also love Somewhere in Time. In part because Mackinac Island holds a very dear place in my heart. Visited several times with my family growing up, honeymooned there, have taken our kids there a few times. I find a special peace there and need to go back every five years or so. If you haven't visited, you should so so.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Sue P, thanks for stopping by! I honeymooned on Mackinac as well! My relatives have a hotel called the Iroquois! Love ot there! My dh says I must have been one a Great Lakes lighthouse keeper in my other life;) So glad you stopped by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

and G, your imagination is brilliant!! Thanks for stopping by my gifted storyteller friend!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks for stopping by LibraryPat!! I think for me the thing I find fascintating about the possibility of time-travel is the mere fact of it being a possibility...we may never see it in our lifetime--or we may not be aware of it if it should be a reality in our lifetime--
but I have a warped mind... thanks for stpooing by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hi Joan!
You know thats kind of my take on TT also--as long as I could get back to the present..it might be fun. As lond as we didn't touch or alter the anals of history though!

Speaking of--what do you all think of this plant they'd brought to life after 30K years!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Fascinating post,Tiana! If I were to do England, I'd have to say that the perceived time of knights of the Round Table and King Arthur intrigues me--Mists of Avalon is a fav movie of mine;)

I have written two medieval stories, two set in London (mid to late 1800s) and then this series which will take my characters (my way) back and forward through time.

there are many variables to consider and many unknowns that allow for creativity;))

Hope you will give them a try!
thanks for stopping in!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Anne and to all offering birthday wishes, thank you!

I am with you on this Anne. I once tried when my grandmother was beginning to slip into dementia stage--to try to glean as much information about her childhood as possible. Somewhere along the way, I am related to the Younger brothers that rode in Missouri with Jesse James. My great-grandmothers name was Dessie Marie Younger. Born in a log cabin in southern Mo., she could remember her mama fixing breakfast for "the boys" --of course, down there, they weren't considered thebad guys--rebels against the north, yes--history is what it is, but it would be fascinating to go back and delve into that part of my own history--
thanks for stopping by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hi Mary Keith! Like Quantum Leap!
Anyone ever watch that show?

Dr Who and my recent favorite Torchwood--also dabbled in being able to leap from time period to time period--

thanks for stopping by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Happy belated BD to you Connie!!
I am partial to the same era of the 1800's insofar as what I've written. My London set books, Dairy of Cozette and The Master & the Muses, are both Victorian set in England.And you're right it was a very difficult time and yet also a time of birth, struggling and thriving with new ideas-- think Sherlock Homes!!

I think thats why I love historical writing so much, becasue it gives me a chance to go back and create characters who might have shaped in soem way-not only their futures, but perhaps a social mindset...

thanks for stopping in!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey Lindsey! Hope to meet you also at RT!
Is this your first RT? If so be sure to take the RT Virgins class that my bud, Sahara Kelly and I teach (crazy fun!)

otherwise, please hunt me down at the Western rdup, Foxy Dames club--the scottish magical fling, the Thurs. E-Expo, Circle of Seven reader Appreciation or the Saturday bookfair!

Sage travel and see you soon!! thanks for stopping in and who wouldnt love being taken in and cared for by a strapping hero!! ;))

Theresa N. said...

I have several the colonies before the American revolution and Scotland before the clearances. I love the movie with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. Lindsey Wagner did a made for tv movie about time travel The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, it's my favorite of all time. I only saw it the once but it was really good.
Theresa N

juliet said...

I'd like to believe in TT, but I get caught up in paradox. I do love me some Dr. Who though. I would like to bounce around time and space with him. They always understand and speak the language and never catch the plague or whatever.

Harlie Williams said...

I believe in TT and I love to read it. For me, it would be to go back the days of Gone With The Wind (before the war) or the days of King Arthur and his court.

Marika Weber

regencygirl01 said...

Don't know if I believe in it, but would like to visit Jane Austen's England

Gail said...

I think that someone, somewhere must hold the secret to time travel...maybe the government has is secreted away with the Ark of the Covenant? If it doesn't exsist currently, I think it will at some point in our future.
I would love to visit the late 1800's or the early 1900's. I'd want to see the American west and the English society like London. Although I would also want to be able to pop back to the current year at my leisure. :-)

Tami Shurling said...

Time travel is my favorite type of romance to read. I would love to think that it is actually a posibility. I would love to go to medieval Scotland.


Kai said...

I believe in time travel but for me it is dimensional travel of going from one universe to another. This way, we do not alter our present by altering the past. We might not return to our present and miss the tiny little stuffs that would mean so much to us by knowing it's gone. Time travel is a huge responsibility.

At least dimensional travel will allows us to see dragons and unicorns, new technologies or even magic.

lindalou said...

I don't believe that we're time traveling right now but I love to time travel in books and I wouldn't doubt it if time travel becomes common place in the future (and therefore into the past... LOL!) Thanks so much for your contest! I've added your books to my TBR list...

Chrisbails said...

I would love to time travel. Not sure if it is real, would be fun though. I would definately love to go to the 1960's, love the music and the fun partying. I would also love to visit late 1800's in Britian. Would love to see the fashion and attend all the fun balls, and dress in the fantastic clothes.
Would love to win and read this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

lisagkendall said...

I think I would like to travel to victorian times. I would love the clothes. I think time travel will be possible, but not in my lifetime. If not the victorian era maybe early American West. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot(com)

bn100 said...

If time travel is possible, I would like to travel to the 1800s.


LMcLendon said...

"Do you believe in time-travel and if so, what time period would you want to travel to? Leave your comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Wild & Unruly!"

No and this time period is just fine with me!! :)

Thanks for the extension :)

Meljprincess said...

I have a very open mind. So I don't think time travel is out of the question. If I could time travel I'd like to go back to the Victorian era. I wanna eat cake with Marie A. ;-)

Meljprinces AT aol DOT com

A said...

Thanks for stopping by, MelJ! It seems a lot of folks like the Victorian era largely becasue of its clothing, the balls and the opulence! It would be interesting if I could wear my danskins and t-shirt underneath it all! LOL Wow have we come a long way, or what?;)
I must say Marie's life (at least for a time) looked pretty decadent!

Amanda McIntyre said...

McLendon...what a great name! I would agree, though on your take on T-T, it would be fun to do, but only if it were easy to come back at hte end of the day to the present;)
I'm glad you stopped by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Chris, interesting that you should mention the sixties! Have you seen Hairspray? ;)) I can remember white jeans were the BIG thing for my oldest brother in high school, worn with penny loafer style shoes-gad* He would stretch his jean on those metal frames and let them soak in bleach in our bathtub to get them really white! Exceptional music in the 60's, but a tumultuous time for us as a nation, for sure. Dare I raie my hand and say I remember the night the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show? *eek!
thanks for dropping by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Kai your thoughts on dimensional travel is interesting and I agree it is a huge responsibilty.
which is why I find the comment about the govenment keeping it under wraps (ala Indiana Jones)so intriguing as well..

Your post prompts a nother question though--is TT a cosmic thing, a science/technology thing or magic? Hum...

maggi said...

I'm not really sure if I believe in time travel or not. But imagining what it would be like to return to a certain time that fascinates me or leaping into a future time, is kinda fun!

As to what time, maybe the old west, or maybe Regency England. When you imagine the possibilities are limitless!

Amanda McIntyre said...

MY apologies!! I got so caught up in my current writing schedule that I clean forgot about announcing a winner for this blog! ACK!

However, I promise it shall not diminsh the pleasure that Sheriff Jake and Lil can provide!!!

So woithout further adieu..Gail has won a copy of Wild & Unruly!! Congratulations!!

Gail said...

Hi Amamda, Thank you! Very excited to have won. :-)) Do I need to contact you with any info?
Can't wait to read about the Sheriff & Lil.