Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zombies, Vampires...and Broken Arms!

On the 27th of September, I joined Literal-Addiction-Paranormal-Book-Club and Book Monster Reviews for a joint event to help get the word out about When A Mullo Loves A Woman and Sweet Irish Kiss. Little did I know, that chat would turn into the gate way to me overcoming my irrational fear of...zombies. I have no  idea how it happened. One minute we were howling with laughter about a kilt wearing vampire donning a leaf-blower and Aquanet for his only protection against zombies, and the next...zombies!? Me and my big mouth; I should keep my fears to myself in the future.
The conversion quickly moved to a suggestion that I write said story of our landscaping vampire as therapy, and because the story was hilarious. It sounded like a hoot, and I had four weeks before Halloween. I could it. So I jumped at the chance.
But life can be crazy, and mean. Just when you think you've got it all mapped out, your husband goes and fractures an arm and your daughter has an accident at school, almost doing herself some serious injury, too.
With all that going on, I was running out of time to write our vampire verses zombie story. But, somehow, I managed to get it all done. Miracles never cease. It must have been meant to be.
And am I still dog-frightened of zombies? Well..I watched a full episode of the Walking Dead to help get in the 'zone'. It didn't give me nightmares, this time, but I did have a cushion close by! I'd say that was a small step forward. Okay. A tiny step forward. But it's a start.

Halloween has been and gone. I know. But monster movies and halloween specials still haunt our TV program guide. And so...I thought you may like the link to enjoy the spoofy vampire verses zombie story I wrote for Literal-Addiction-Paranormal-Book-Club.

It's spoofy, be warned! And it's FREE!

Be Stihl My Unbeating Heart by JoAnne Kenrick
Leaf blower in tow, and his secret weapon at the ready, Archie focuses on getting back to his damsel in distress at all costs. But zombies, while slow, are tenacious, and it just might cost him an arm and a leg.
Can Archie battle his way through zombieland and save his lady love before the sun comes out to play again? Will Aquanet sufficiently hold his hair in place so he can maintain his hero good looks til the end of our tale? Will we ever discover if he’s a true Scotsman?...erm, will he sufficiently use his head for something other than zombie food?
Available to read online via Scribd, or as a PDF download. If you hit the 'mobile' selection in Scribd, and you have your reader plugged in, it will send the story to your reader.

And talking of vampires...have you been bitten by Dracula's Kiss yet? My latest Decadent Publishing release is available in most ebook stores.
Cathela's Office Halloween Ball is a complete bust. She spills out of her Dracula's Bride costume, and her vamp fetish chases away her boyfriend. Only redeeming feature to the night? Necking multiple shots of Dracula's Kiss--a lush Black Cherry Vodka cocktail--and an interlude with a gorgeous man dressed Gary Oldman style.

No one comes close to satisfying Alec Murray's needs until he meets Cathela during some lame-ass party for bankers. One taste of her blood, sweet yet darkly dangerous, he knows she's perfect for him.

A night of goth bondage is planned for one. For the other, a night of sexual control is a must. A perfect fit. Alec is compelled to reveal his true nature but can their relationship survive his dark secret?
Here's a little reading I did for ebook-eros' 4 Letter Word blog

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Until next time.... have a wild Wednesday, but not too wild!


Barbara Elsborg said...

Er - zombies - I AM frightened of them. We were in Nashville a few weeks ago and drove into the city to see a large number of people wandering around in bloody bandages etc. In fact - they were the only people we saw. Had we accidentally strayed into a city of the dead? We turned round and drove back out to the hotel. Turned out it was Zombie Day - but you know, I didn't want to risk it!

Valerie Mann said...

OMG, that Stihl cover totally cracked me up! You are so creative! I'm getting ready to download it now!

Jessica E. Subject said...

I used to fear aliens as you know. It's amazing how therapeutic writing can be. :)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Not sure I can write about zombies. Its the bits that fall off - my mind is too disgusting.
No - make that disgusted.
No - I was right first time.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

LMAO Barbara!! And that the annual zombie walk i saw on the news? If i saw that, and had no idea it was on, OMG, I'd totally scream and go running for my life!! *shudder*
Valerie...I can't take the credit for was a group effort :) We had an absolute blast at the Literal Addiction Live Chat. We should do a publisher chat there, for sure! They're a hoot :)