Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reclaimed by Diane Alberts

Hello! I’m Diane Alberts, and I wanted to stop by on this Wild Wednesday to talk about my upcoming release, Reclaimed, coming out December 23rd. It’s a paranormal romance book, and my first and (so far) only full length novel. To introduce you to it, I decided to ask the two main characters the same question. But first, here’s a blurb to make you familiar with my story:


After moving to England, Sabrina tumbles into an unknown world when she meets the man who has appeared to her in her dreams. After recovering from shock, she wonders how it is possible that Isaac could be in her dreams-before she met him. The shocking answers catapult her into a world where ruthless creatures roam freely along unsuspecting humans, and battle lines are clearly drawn.

While embarking on a dangerous and passionate affair, a bitter enemy appears from Isaac’s past that will stop at nothing to remove her from Isaac’s arms. Permanently. In order to establish a foreseeable and solid future, Sabrina must first deal with a tumultuous past. Navigating a shadowy world she never knew existed; Sabrina fights for her newfound love…and her life.


Me: Sabrina, what did you first think when you saw Isaac?

Sabrina: I thought I was going insane. I’d had a dream or two about this amazing man who stole my senses away, and here he was. In the same room as me. I’d never seen him before, except in my dreams, so how could it even be possible? What else could I think, except for how soon I’d be committed into the mental ward? *she gives a light laugh at this point and turns to Isaac with a smile*
Me: And Isaac…what about you?
Isaac: *laughs and hugs Sabrina* I thought life was about to get really interesting. All these years, I’d been hoping to find her. Hoping it could be possible for true love to win. Instead, it turned out I had no idea what I’d felt in the past, and was about to get hit over the head with shock, love, and pain. After all of it is over, though, it turned out to be the best thing to ever, ever happen to me.
Sabrina: Aww. *kisses his cheek*

Well, there you have it! Stay tuned for more interviews and behind the scenes information, leading up to the big release on December 23, 2011! Til then, happy reading!


Barbara Elsborg said...

Congratulations, Diane. I still remember my first full length release - sigh......
This sounds great!

Liz said...

sounds like a winner! I LOVE the name Isaac!

Anonymous said...

Me too! It would have been my daughter's name if she had a penis. ;)

And I'm very excited, Barbara! I am almost done my second full length book, too. Woot!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an exciting read, thanks for sharing :)

Jessica E. Subject said...

Sounds awesome! :)

KaceyHammell said...

I LOVE that cover!
added a new title to the TBR list!