Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Liz’s Soundtrack

There was a commercial once, for something, that was awesome. It was people walking with music in their ears—one guy had a boombox on his shoulder, some other guys had the car stereo cranked, I think it was for Sony, or maybe ITunes. Just goes to show you how much it stuck with me I guess. But the tag line:
DID stick.

Because that’s how I live. I am never ever (ever) without music. Be in Itunes, Pandora, Sirius/XM I have it on at home (and I LOVE how my new blue ray DVD channels Pandora through the TV), in the car, at the computer, walking the Muse Dogs, driving around between soccer practices and games, there is music playing.

I bounce around but hands down my best Pandora station is “Mumford and Sons.” Not because I’m such a huge fan of this particular group. The way Pandora works is that you set up a station, add song seeds, thumbs up and thumbs down various songs and the scary thing creates what is absolutely exactly what I love to listen to 9 times out of ten. I’ve added Foo Fighters, Vampire Weekend, Cake, Marshall Mathers, Avril Lavigne and Adele to this station and now, it rocks.

I’ll scroll through a few songs that really rev my creative engine, and some that I “assigned” to my Turkish Delights trilogy.

First and foremost I LOVE THIS SONG:

I got to see His Dave-ness at the Palace at Auburn Hills and was playin’ in the mosh pit, not more than 20 feet from the man. It was one of The Best Rock Shows Evah.

For Emre and Elle’s story, the first of the Turkish Delights stories, this song kept popping up, and I think it says a lot:

The last line is so incredibly beautiful:
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.
Turkish Delights is a Full On Romance (with a healthy bit of steam). And this song just spoke to me while I wrote it.

Caleb, Elle’s assistant has had love, and lost it. He seeks more and does eventually find it but after a long period of intense unhappiness. When I wrote his and Tarkan’s first encounter it was one of those I had to stop and, ah, take care of some personal time for myself it was That Hot. Tarkan is Emre’s twin brother. He and Caleb shared a great love, that started with a Huge Lust.
This song, a remake of a pop song, says It All…

Uh huh. Those boys are very very hot.

Finally, when it came time to tell Lale’s story, Tarkan and Emre’s younger sister was real serious bad ass—or at least she thought so…..I have a couple of songs for this story as it’s a tad bit longer and in depth.
At first, Lale (pronounced “Lah-Lay”) is all:

And Andreas, the Greek former NFL Dom stud VERY much is looking for:

These two seemed destined … to clash.
They do.

But finally, THIS is Lale’s Theme Song:

“You’ve already won me over, in spite of me.
Don’t be alarmed if I fall
Head over feet.
Don’t be surprised if I love you
For all that you are
I couldn’t help it.
It’s all your fault.”
That is Lale and Andreas.

Turkish Delights
Blue Cruise
Tulip Princess
All part of the 1NightStand Series


Jessica E. Subject said...

An awesome playlist, Liz! I know some of those songs, but others are new to me. Especially liked those you picked for Tulip Princess. :)

Casea Major said...

Fun songs, Liz. Rebel rousing.

Dawn Carrington said...

I'm such a sucker for romantic love songs, and I've never heard this. So now I'm busily writing these down so I can head over to Itunes. While I thank you, Liz, my wallet does not. Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara Elsborg said...

I can run to music but not write! i get too distracted!! But music is inspiring, isn't it!!