Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LAST CHANCE! Kraken Wrap Up!

by Maureen O. Betita
Okay, this is it! The last day of the great “Where Did the Kraken Go?” contest! Last chance to tell me where you’ve seen my missing monster and be entered to win one of three fabulous prizes!

It’s been a wicked month! I’ve been searching high and low, running down all the leads to where my missing kraken might be and they have been interesting! He showed up just long enough to pose for Dara England for the e-cover of The Chameleon Goggles, then disappeared again. I could sure use his help on the promotion circuit!

He was working for a while with a friend who works at a tattoo shop and evidently showing great talent with the needle! Think of it, eight needles working at once! Sure, it hurts, but he’s fast!

I heard the same praise when he was sighted behind the counter at a Starbucks, churning out the cappuccinos and frappuccino. (He lost that job due to the slime he left of the cups.)

But the sushi bar owner fired him after he devoured a month’s worth of seafood during the employees-eat-free event on his first day’s work.

He’s also been doing humanitarian deeds – cephalopodian deeds? Yup, he helped out with sandbag filling along the Mississippi and traffic control outside of schools. And the tourists touring Alcatraz enjoyed his narration…

He did some mercenary work also, terrorizing the executives of BP regarding the clean efforts on the Gulf of Mexico being inadequate.

He was sighted twice in space! Snuck aboard the shuttle mission and proved a Godsend with button pushing. Aliens took him on a short hop to their homeworld but he came back, deciding that being worshipped as a God might sound good, but he missed the Caribbean.


He was even admiring his own reflection in the kraken’s mirror and disappeared for a brief time into an alternate dimension, luckily the Doctor found him and brought him back.

It’s been interesting!

What about you? Where do you think he spent the month? I’d love to hear! I’m really getting tired of all the running around, following these leads. At the price of gas, I’ve been broke all month! I need him! Help a writer out!

You might win something! ;-)


Maureen said...

There's only been 104 entries! So...take a stab at it, you might win!

Amanda Gray said...

I was watching 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
and saw the Kraken pushing the giant squid out of the way trying to get some camera time by putting the squeeze on Nemo. Then here he came again trying to replace the blob. A little while later I saw him with bird puppets on every tentacle in The birds. Finally I caught sight of him wrestling With Freddy Kruger trying to wear the gloves. I think he is missing fame and fear on the Big Screen someone should write him into a movie soon before he really gets out of hand and ends up on Hollywoods Black List with Charlie Sheen

Maureen said...

Sweet glory road...he's turned into a film junkie? I really need to round him up and get him into detox before he starts talking 'tiger's blood' and 'winning.'

Amanda Gray said...

Lmao funny you should say Glory Road I live in El Paso Tx.you don't think that his next hit is Basketball do you? he would make an amazing Basketball player

Maureen said...

You know...he'd be a real secret weapong... Imagine the other players trying to stay upright on a slimed court? ;-)

Barbara Elsborg said...

No, he was definitely at Will and Kate's wedding. He disguised himself as a hat. Who would notice against the interesting head gear of Princess Beatrice? In fact the Kraken quite fancied that hat. It looked sexy. But no time for shenanigans, he jumped out and made that horse spook and throw the poor soldier, before sneaking into the evening bash and dancing with the Queen. What a lad!

Maureen said...

You know, he gets that a lot! ;-)

Leslie Soule said...

I could have sworn that Kraken was sitting right next to me in the State mail room the other day, folding papers, making copies, and stuffing envelopes all at once!
We are now operating at maximum efficiency, which is bad for a government agency and I'm sure the layoffs will begin shortly. :(

Maureen said...

Well, he seems to have grown addicted to the idea of having a job. Don't worry, he won't last long. His attention span wanders a lot... He'll move on soon and the state will return to normal inefficency!