Friday, April 1, 2011

Just the Facts Friday...

with Vanessa Barger

Hello!  It's my turn to crash the Friday blog with seven things you didn’t know about me.  Hopefully I can keep you entertained without totally embarrassing myself….

I am a pushover and my cat uses it to her full advantage. She knows that if she looks at me with those big brown eyes she will get whatever she wants. It is constantly making me the source of much amusement for the less gullible family members.

My friends think I need a 12 step program for traveling.  At least, when it comes to churches. When I went to London several years ago with a college roommate, after two days, I was finally given a limit on the number of churches I could visit a day. I got two, and then I had to visit a pub for every church after that. I’m not sure if that was a punishment or not!

I have been trying to teach myself Gaelic. This is not going well, as you can imagine. I’m horrible at pronunciations, even in French in high school I could read it, but speaking was another matter.

I believe the only way to eat boglogna is with ketchup. This distresses my current roommate quite a lot, as she had a bad experience with a bologna sandwich and the Beach Boys when she was in elementary school. The story you’re imagining is probably more entertaining than the reality.

Sometimes, when I’ve had little sleep and I’m watching TV I get the urge to sit upside down on the couch. When I used to do it in college, my roommates used to throw gummy bears at my mouth. Now the cat just looks at me strangly, and then demands I quit being ridiculous.

I recently bought a digital recorder to use in the car, because story ideas and snippets are forever coming up when I can’t write them down. However, I feel ridiculous speaking to it, and blush profusely when I play it back later. I have yet to use it to transcribe a story because of this.

I have an addiction to blank journals. I love the way they look and smell, but they also make me deathly afraid! Those blank pages are scary! I actually have to sit down and make myself write on those first few pages, or they just get stuck on a shelf for me to look at and then forget about. When I went through and cleaned up the bookcases in my “junk room” I found three or four where I had only written in the first few pages! My goal is to fill them over the course of the year and not buy more until then…. But it such a hard temptation to resist!

I hope some of this was entertaining, and you learned a few interesting things! Thanks for stopping by!


Maureen said...

I love blank journals. Sigh. But I have beat my habit as I have surrendered the reality that I will ever write cursive at length again.

I went through my stack of barely written journals, ripped out the pages I'd written on and donated them to my local school.

For the kids.

Watching TV upside down? My sinus cavities cringe!

P. Kirby said...

I do the upside down thing on the couch, too. Which earns me a strange look from the husband. But then, living with me has made a "strange look" a permanent expression on his face.

My journals are never blank long. I fill 'em with all kinds of silly drawings of my characters. Never actually "written" in one though.

Maureen said...

Pat - Dang, I wish I could draw/sketch/anything!

kathleen said...

What is it about journals? I line them up to look pretty, but never write a word. Note... Do not buy list.