Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coming Soon! Love Rules by Rita Hestand

Everyone likes to talk about their latest book.  Love Rules is no exception for me. It is another multicultural historical western romance.  But what makes me, want to write a multicultural historical western.  

I wanted Jesse Coleman to love someone that was forbidden. I wanted him to be a rebel. I wanted him to fall for her as soon as he saw her. 

And they made love like no other two people on this earth. They knew each other, and yet…they didn't. 
But forbidden love isn't something that is easily overcome. And it was forbidden because of many factors.  One, she was a black woman, a spy for the north and he barely knew her. Even so, why couldn't they be together. Because he was sent to bring her in by his commanding officer, and if he didn't, she might cost more Confederate lives. Would his duty outweigh his love?

The torrid romance between Jesse and Maggie literally burn the pages. No holes bared, Jesse and Maggie were in love at first sight. But love at first sight can be heart rendering when the fated couple are not suppose to be together ever again.

Thus the story really begins. During the war they had been young, innocent and hopelessly in love. But what happens when they matured, and the war was over? 

When Maggie is released from prison, she's on the run for her life. The guards swear they'll find her and kill her. She was the Black Widow for the Federals, a notorious spy, and they wanted vengeance. She has only one hope, Jesse Coleman. After all, he owes her, in more ways than one.  

Jesse's more than happy to see Maggie again, until he realizes that Maggie has a set of Love Rules that Jesse might not be able to comply with. Nevertheless, she needs his protection and he certainly owes her since she had his baby.
But Jesse had more than his share of problems. He still insists he loves Maggie and wants to marry her, and make them a family if he can keep her alive long enough. Their love is tested in every way, as Jesse protects her from killers, and fights for the right to love her in a land that doesn't forget the war easily. Will their love be strong enough to withstand all the trials and tribulations?  

Coming soon from Decadent Publishing, you won't want to miss this sizzling romance that burns it's way into your heart. You'll never forget the heroic Jesse Coleman, nor the sensual Maggie, The Black Widow. It will burn a fire in your heart. Don't miss this exciting, hot, romance!

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