Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaking The Cherry of an RT Virgin

by Stephanie Williams

Hello Gang!

It’s been a while I know, but I have been terribly busy. I’ve had a book debut with my new publisher Decadent Publishing, titled HOUSE ARREST

It’s been doing pretty good so far and I have two other books coming out soon: FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE. 

Sometimes I amaze myself about what I accomplished in such a short time. Not trying to brag, but give myself a little affirmation and more drive to continue. It’s not easy being an ebook author. In fact, I don’t think it’s easy being an author period!

But with ebooks, there is more to just writing your story sending it out, getting it edited and then it’s for sale. That’s the easy part!

The hard part is marketing. And I’ll tell ya, if I could pay someone to do ALL the blog posts, website updates, emailing to this that and the other, I would. LOL! But the nature of the epublishing biz beast, is for you to do a lot of promoting and marketing of your baby. Now if you have a really good publisher, they’ll do a lot of promos for you too. Decadent is great at that, so I don’t feel alone out there in the marketing world.

But guess what I did this past week? I went to my first RT Convention in Los Angeles.  WHOO-HOO!

And boy, am I beat!

To give you a brief 411 on this, the RT Convention is basically a place for readers, book publishers, book sellers, aspiring authors and of course, writers to gather meet and greet.

This is where someone like myself will network and learn new things about the writing craft and publishing world.

They have oodles (did I just say oodles?) of seminars. Places to showcase your goods, be they books, bookmarks, postcards, free reads whatever.

This even lasts 5 days. Oh, and did I mention there is a party every evening?

So how did I fair at this event for the first time?

I’m still beat. I hurt in places I didn’t think had muscles. The first day, you are basically a pack mule if you didn’t have early check in at the hotel. I was lucky in that sense, because I was staying with relatives. But all I saw were a sea of people with bags and luggage. It was like seeing a picture of Ellis Island.

I was meeting my friend and writing partner, LaVerne Thompson. This was her second RT and she was going to show me the ropes.

She did a great job too, but nothing prepares your body for the grueling treks you make between seminar rooms, your hotel room (I would crash with her between events), the parties, going to get something to eat, networking with other authors, readers and promoters, and setting up your own table at CLUB RT.


The noise level is unbelievable. The distance between venues SEEM short, but walk back and forth, four to six times a day and ask your feet how short those walks are.

Oh, I even did an ebook signing. This was a pretty bold move considering I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and this was my first RT. LOL!

Now the parties. They were great. Ellora’s Cave does the kick off party. FAB-U-LOUS. And I danced! Not the minuet. But really danced. Haven’t done that in a good minute. LaVerne and I kept saying that we were just going to pop our heads in and just see what’s going on, because by this time we are already feeling the burn—all over! But it never turned out that way. We stayed and partied.

Okay, I saved the best for last!

So what was the best thing about this convention? EVERYTHING! Especially meeting my Publishers at Decadent and my fellow writers.  I’ve been emailing them back and forth, getting my edits from three different editors and talking with them through emails. So it was so wonderful to met them and put faces to the names.

Also it was great seeing the writers of Decadent. I see all these great books I want to add to my TBR pile and now I have the names that go with the books! They are a great bunch of women and men (yes, men write romance/erotica too)  and I’m not just saying that. These women are fun, professional and on top of their game. They also made my first time an enjoyable one.

Next year, RT is in Chi Town. And guess what? Since I broke my RT cherry, I feel like a pro now, so you’ll be seeing me there!


Author Leanne Dyck said...

Welcome home!
It sounds like a blast.
Hope I can next year.

Stephanie Williams said...

It was a blast, hope you can make it, you won't be disapointed. :)

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! Love the pic with you and the wolf!

Kate Richards said...

Hi Stephanie!
You mean that tall, dark and furry hunk wasn't your date for the evening? It was hugely fun, wasn't it?

Stephanie Williams said...

He is hot, isn't he? LOL! It was fantastic Kate! Hope to see you again in Chi Town.

Stephanie Williams said...

It was awesome Abigail. Try to make it next year, would love to meet you.

Ursula Sinclair said...

WHOO HOO! Steph! It was so great finally meeting you. We've known each other now for a good 4 years have written together chat and text all the time but this was the first time we actually met. And it was fitting that it was at RT. It was so great hanging out with you.

CHI-TOWN 2012 here we come. hahahaha


Marie Rochelle said...

Sounds like you had a great time at RT. I'm loving House Arrest. You did an excellent job with this story.
Marie Rochelle

Stephanie Williams said...

I was so great to finally meet you in person LaVerne. I know, 4 years and not seeing a face. LOL!

RT was the perfect spot to meet. We had a ball! It was great hanging with you too. :)

Stephanie Williams said...

Thank you so mush Marie, glad you're enjoying it. I had a fun time writing it. :)

Maureen said...

;-) Just totally tickles my fancy to see all these RT virgins discovering the joy of a five day party celebrating romance in all it's genres!

Wow, you think the walking was bad in LA? Try Orlando! Or Columbus!

But now you've been bitten so you're part of the clan...see you in Chicago!

Stephanie Williams said...

Hey Maureen. I guess L.A. was a great starting point for conventions like this. LOL!

See you Chicago girlfriend!

Valerie Mann said...

Looking forward to Chicago next year with all of you! And those of you who weren't there? See what y'all missed?

Now...about that furry date of yours, Steph. I don't like the way he was leering at you. I have a picture of me with him and he was giving me the same hairy eyeball, the two-timing canine! He'd better hope he doesn't show his wolf butt next year or you and I will have to take him down! BWAHAA

Stephanie Williams said...

You have to remember, he is a dog.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean 'pretty good'? You were #2 at ARe in Interracial Romance last week, girlie! You are going quite well. :-)

It was wonderful to meet you, your energy in person is phenom and you are gorgeous. Can't wait to hang out with you again next year and we're doubly glad to have you on our roster!

Heather Bennett
Decadent Publishing

Stephanie Williams said...

Hey Heather, a.k.a. Life of the party! Had me rolling at the Mr. Romance contest!

Was so happy to finally meet you! You made my first time at RT a joy

Okay, my book is doing very well. LOL!

Glad to be with a bunch a beautiful talented ladies and gents!

JM said...

Wish I could have hung out with you more, Dear! Need to make that up at Chicago. Already told hubby I'm going next year.
As for all you other lurkers, you need to get out and be social. RT was a blast! And you will find that you are in a building with 2000 other women, and a few men, that are just like you. Everybody's at different levels in their writing, but they all basically started out the same.
Start saving now!
Stephanie, I'm so tickled you're doing good, because it all looks good for Decadent. Congratulations!

Stephanie Williams said...

Thanks JM! Yeah, will kick it more in Chi Town. And yes lurkers save up now!
You'll meet so many people like yourself, and the place is a wealth of knowledge.

Kathleen said...

It was geat to meet you, Stephanie. I'm also a newbie to the RT experience, and would have been lost without the guidance and support of the Decadent staff and writers.

Congrats on all your accomplishments. I'm planning on attending next year, too. I was sad to see it end.I had the best time.

Isn't the werewolf adorable?

Stephanie Williams said...

Hey Kathleen!

It was a pleasure meeting you too. Yes, the Decadent staff and writers made it so easy.

I was sad too when it ended, it was like leaving a family reunion.

The werewolf was adorable--in a scary sort of way. LOL!

Kathleen said...

It did feel like leaving a family reunion. We have to attend RT next year.

Deena said...

Stephanie!!!! It was so great to meet you at RT! I've been saying that all my friends are finally 3-D. I can imagine you in real life when I speak to you on the internet. Such a joy! I can't wait till next year in Chicago! Definitely going, and we'll whoop it up some more. :) Congrats on your book's standings! Yay!

Stephanie Williams said...

Dena, it was great meeting you too. I know, finally meeting people you chat with on the net is awesome.

LaVerne and I have been emailing, chatting since 2005 and only on the phone since 2009!

It was just great finally meeting my Decadent Fam!