Friday, December 10, 2010

Just the Facts Friday with Rita Hestand!

1. I have attended school in several different states including, Texas, Kentucky, Oregon, North Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, and Canada. In Canada I had to learn the words to God Save the Queen as we sung it every morning. I had to learn to play baseball and learn art which I was never any good at.

2. I love to watch movies, westerns, comedy, romance, and even horror. I like to stay up late and watch horror movies with my grandkids, we love the Halloween collection with Michael Myers.

3. I am addicted to chocolate and cokes, and treat myself often, that why I'm rounder than I am taller.

4. My daughters think I'm a Democrat because I happen to like JFK and Jimmy Carter. But actually, when I vote, I vote for the man himself or the woman if there is one. Because I don't think that either party knows all the answers and so I try to find out what they believe in mostly.

5. I am the world's worst about clutter. My desk is always cluttered, and I prefer everyone to leave it that way so I can find what I’m looking for. Although it isn't neat, it is a place I know where everything is. And the minute someone goes and moves things I get upset because I can't find what I’m looking for. So please….let me be a clutterer. LOL

6. I can't swim. Never could. Took lessons when I was a kid, but the guy teaching said…"Swim to me." Like I knew how? I sink, I am afraid of anything deeper than the bathtub. And I will sink. Even though I can float. Even though I like a pool to play in, even though I mock the movements of swimming, I can't swim.

7. I wear very little jewelry, although I love jewelry on most people, I've never had a lot, so I don't wear it. I'm allergic to some metals and turn green when I wear some, so I don't indulge. Of course, a nice diamond or two would be nice.

8. I can write almost any time of day, or night. If I'm editing, I might stay up all night to get it done. If I’m hot on a manuscript I might stay up all night. I might get up in the middle of the night if something comes to me during that time. Have done it. Wrote a short story in the middle of the night because it came to me in a dream, the result was "The Red Jacket".

Rita Hestand


Maureen said...

Ye like clutter, eh!? Well, you'd feel right at home in my house! Though...I can't really find anything, so you're clutter must be better organized than mine!

Valerie Mann said...

Oh man, Rita! It's true that you can really like people opposite of yourself! I think the only thing we have in common is we've lived all over the place! I HATE horror movies. I love to swim (I float), I abhor clutter (that's not to say I'm not looking at it right now. But I really hate it) and our politics and snack choices aren't similar. Amazing how different people can be and still get along. Maybe we should tell world leaders how that works? LOL

Redameter said...

My first comment went awry, but thank you ladies for stopping by, and Val. I love the added cartoons and the one at the desk is soooo me!

Love and blessings and a very Merry Christmas to you all

Gracen Miller said...

Rita, I'm a clutterer too! And like you I get really upset when folks un-clutter my clutter! I don't even like it when I clean the clutter away because I forget where I put it. I vote the same way and while I'm not a chocolate-aholic (coffee is my's nectar of the gods), I do love the stuff.

I am NOT at all like you when it comes to getting up in the middle of the night to write or do much of anything. If I'm up after I've gone to bed, someone is either sick or dying, or they're about to feel sick or wish they were dying! ;-) A gal's gotta have her beauty winks and I don't like my snuggling with the sandman interrupted. =D

Great getting to know you!

Diana Layne said...

Hi, Rita,

I can't swim either. Three years of lessons and I still sink. :)

Enjoyed learning more about you.

Anonymous said...

I am not a swimmer, Rita! But I can play baseball ;)

Deena said...

Oh Rita! Numbers 5 and 7 are SOOO me, too! Clutter is an enemy I can't seem to shake. Maybe when I get a personal assistant... LOL And as for jewelry, I wear my wedding band, my necklace with "my girls" on it, and my grandmother's wedding band on my thumb.

Redameter said...

I could have used you when I was 12. Deena, yes, I agree, leave my clutter alone. I do forget where I put it too. Gracen. I'm so glad you said that because I feel the same. My daughter gets aggrevated at me, but if I go and organize, I'm sunk because I forget where the right place could possibly be to put it.

You guys are the best for coming over and I feel I get to know you better too. It's a busy season right now and I know you have a million things to do, so thanks for stopping by.

Merry Christmas and God Bless

Nina Croft said...

Hi Rita, I love clutter too - I'm surrounded by it. But I'd be quite happy for someone else to clear it up occasionally - not that that ever happens!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit of a clutterer, but I hate clutter. Does that make sense? However, my family is horrible about it. Daughter can't walk through a room, let alone be planeted for 5mins, without leaving a trail. Husband gets mad if something he threw on the counter a month ago is not in the same spot.
He asks where it is.
I say,"I put it away."
"Where is 'AWAY'?!"
"You'd know if you EVER put it there."

Yep, story of my life. lol

Nice one, Rita!

Redameter said...

Finally, I can post, had too mcuh open at the time I guess. Well, I don't really like clutter, but I find that when I get organized I am so organized that I forget where the logical place is to put the things. Then I spend like hours trying to find something I put up in the right place. So I figure it is best to remain cluttered.

Thanks so much for coming over. I appreciate everyone commenting and being a part of this day. I do read a lot of blogs myself. I hope all of you have the best of Christmas.

Love and blessings

Kathleen said...

We have a lot in common, Rita. My office is a disaster, but I too, know where everything is. I never learned to swim either, and even thought I love the beach, I go in only up to my ankles. lol

Redameter said...

That's cute Kathleen, just to your ankles. LOL Well, truth be known at a beach, I gotta touch bottom at all times and my head has to be above water. And if I feel anything, I'm out of there. Yep, I'm a scaredity cat. I used to get so tickled when a swimming coach would always say, don't worry you'll float. I'm thinking, yeah, after I'm dead.

And the clutter will have to stay for my sanity sakes. I don't clutter everything, but my desk is usually cluttered, I open my mail there, and put my researech there and my calendar and my bills and my books. And I know it is there as long as I leave it alone, the minute someone says get organized, I spend half the day looking for stuff, it just isn't worth it.

Gee, thanks guys for coming by. I appreciate it and will remember it.

Love and blessings