Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

By Kimber An

You’ve probably all heard the saying, “’Tis more blessed to give than to receive.” And I’d bet more than a few of you thought, “Yeah, right.” I know I did a decade ago.

Sure, we’ve been told and maybe we’ve felt it too. It feels good to give someone a present or to help someone in need. Very good, but that’s not the deeper meaning I’m after.

I learned the deeper meaning to the saying the hard way.

I lost a baby.

I was so devastated by this loss that I could not articulate the most powerful desire of my heart, which was to get pregnant again. I was absolutely terrified. I sank into depression.

Then, suddenly one day I discovered I was pregnant again. I was ill with terror. I sobbed on the phone to the midwife. After a lot of hysteria, I wrote this post-

I got what I wanted for Christmas.

This all taught me about gratitude.

How many of us are truly grateful for our children? Our mates? Our friends? How often do we say, “I love being your mommy.” Or, “Thank you so much for running to the store for Nyquil!”

Or do we just complain? Or even insult? “Stop being such a brat!”

Nowadays, I cringe when I overhear parents say things like that. They have no idea the precious gift they’ve been given. Whether they’re too selfish or they’re ignorant, like I was, they have no idea the wonderful gifts they’ve received in their lives.

Don’t wait for a hurricane to destroy your house or cancer to claim the life of your mother. Look around at what life has been given to you right now. Thank your loved ones. Get in the habit of thanking them every single day until you die.

The joy of giving to them will wrap your heart up in such blessings you might even forget to open your own presents.


Maureen said...

I was chatting with a friend about a blog the other day...about how one promotes a book. I suggested that the trinkets an author gives out a conventions aren't about selling your book...they're about giving gifts to those who already read you...or to those who might find your book interesting.

It's a matter of faith, celebrate what you have, what you've been given...and give back.

JM said...

Ahhh, how sweet. I cherish my kids. Good, bad and ugly, I thank god everyday for my beautiful family. Wonderful reminder.

Kathleen said...

I'm so happy I read your post. My life is complete being a mother and now grandmother. They are the most precious gifts I could ever receive. Happy Holidays, Kelly.

Kimber Li said...

Thanks for your comments, Maureen, Jennifer, and Kathleen.

Of course, as children move into their teens, they start acting like they're embarressed by that mushy stuff. Like, get over it, Mom, but it stays with them. So, I always tell my eldest girl, "Oh, I missed you so much today!" Stuff like that. She pretends to shrug it off, but she always comes back for more. And who do you think she tells all her little troubles to? Children NEVER grow out of the need for love.

Here's an idea-

Read out loud to your teens. Try it. They might look at you funny at first. Read to them at the same time from their favorite book every single day and they'll come to count on it.

The surest way to pass on the love of reading is to read with love.

Read to your babies from birth and never stop, even when they learn to read on their own.