Friday, December 24, 2010

7 Not-So-Deadly Facts about A. Faris

Just the Facts? Here's a confessional:

  1. Wrath – Nothing gets on my nerves more easily than a bad movie adaptation of a good book. Worst offender thus far, Jumper. The book by Steven Gould was butchered.
  1. Greed – No matter how many perfumes I have (a lot!), there is always room for more, I say. I dress that up as 'perfumista', but we all know what that really means, right? Why have a signature scent when you can have one for every occasion? And weather. And dress....
  1. Sloth – A cold winter's day and I turn into Jabba the Hutt. Without Boba Fett hanging around my skip, sadly.
  1. Pride – I am actually quite proud of being disciplined enough to finish a book! And that it is about to be published!
  1. Lust – Adrien Brody, Shahid Kapoor, Eric Bana, James Franco, Orlando Bloom, Gael Garcia Bernal...For the longest time I have denied my weakness for dark-haired men. I liked to think I am an equal opportunist. But when even Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio leaves me cold, I think it is time to admit defeat. Now I say, give me tall, dark and handsome, any day. :)
  1. Envy – Shoe envy, bag there such a thing as book envy? Book envy is a book of utter resonance and, to you, anyway, brilliance that you wish you have written it. The book I wish I could write is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
  1. Gluttony – Chocolates are my weakness. Once, I had gone from a 24-inch waist to a 32 in a year because of chocolates (and stress). Glad those days are behind me! Still, the occasional Green & Black's will not hurt anyone, right? So I keep telling myself.


Kathleen said...

I share your perfume philosophy. Why not have a scent for every occasion? However, dark haired hunks are hot, but I adore the blue-eyed blondes.

Holiday Wishes

A said...

Hi Kathleen! Thanks for stopping by. There are more of us perfumistas than you'd think! I can appreciate the blue-eyed blondes, but in a dispassionate sort of way. But all kinds to make the world! :) Peace and love!

Maureen said...

Which is your favorite sin to dally with?

I like perfume, but am easily overpowered. And I'm a tall, dark, handsome all the way!

Deena said...

Give me a Marlboro man ANY DAY! The dark-haired angels always make my heart race, and their brooding looks are just asking for Mama to make it all better! ;)

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Very clever, thank you for it.

A said...

@Maureen: I wish I could dally with lust most often, but that remains in the realm of fantasy. Me, I choose the more easily available greed. Perfumes don't hurt nothing but my wallet.
@ Deena: Do you know, I had to google Marlboro Man? But...hello! I see why cowboys are so darned popular, tee hee.
@Leanne: Thanks! Merry Christmas!