Saturday, November 6, 2010

Show & Tell Saturday with Kimber An

Hi, I’m Kimber An
and this is my first published novel, SUGAR RUSH.

Of course, it’s not my first written. I wrote my first novel when I was eleven years old and I just broke forty. It’s also not the first I’ve tried to get published. It’s my fourth, four in four years and I have four children. Ow. No wonder I’m tired.

To me, Sugar Rush is Young Adult Science Fiction Romance, which is no big deal among most of my blog buddies who hang out at places like the Galaxy Express and Alien Romances. But, Sugar Rush has to get along in the world at large, and so I call it YA Paranormal with a strong romantic element.

YA Paranormal? Oh, vampires! Right, actually, well, no, I mean, yes, well, they’re


Uh, yeah, do they sparkle?

Nope. No sparkling. Brandon’s eyes shine when he sees Twinkies. Does that count? Brandon seems to be a reader favorite. He’s supposed to be a vampire, but he isn’t a very good one. He did make Level Nine in Supermario on the heroine’s Nintendo DS in just a couple of hours though.

Sugar Rush is so new that it’s only had a couple of reviews so far. Here’s a quote from Nayuleska’s Reading Corner- I was so scared about her safety from her psycho boyfriend (who is incredibly creepy and will have you double-checking you've locked the doors), more so when I discovered just why he was so smitten with Orphelia.”

And here’s the blurb-

“Running and screaming will have to wait. A blood-sucking dead guy may be a vampire to you, but he’s an alien/human hybrid to Ophelia and she really must examine his olfactory nerve under a microscope first.

Ophelia longs to be free, free of diabetes, free of her ex-boyfriend, free to live. Something transformed Martin and made her his drug. If he has his way, she’ll never achieve the freedom to learn his true nature and origin.

Adrian’s the new guy in school. He faked his identity to get close to Ophelia, knowing the monsters who took his diabetic sister would try to take Ophelia, too. Then, he’d have them. But, he knew better than to get too close.

Oh, yeah, he did. Seriously.”

These days I’m learning to balance promo with writing. I’m in the last stage of rewriting and revising a Short Story (or is it a Novella?) prequel called CRUSHED SUGAR. I just didn’t have time to do it justice before Sugar Rush. I’ll take a break for the holidays and then I’ll get right on SUGAR BABY on New Year’s Day. It’s the next full length novel in the series. By the end, Ophelia’s learning how to seriously kick bad guy buttocks, but she’s no Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh, no, she doesn’t get really cool weapons, like wooden stakes and Holy Water. She soups up a salad shooter and unlocks DNA, and pretty much makes do with whatever she can find around the house. Ever watch that old TV show McGiver? She’s more like that, always fixing things and figuring out scientific solutions to her problems. And the baby in question is not hers. The baby belongs to another Sweet, fathered by a Newblood, the first such hybrid to survive.

Anyway, see you next post!


Maureen said...

Oh, I love it. A teenage kitchen MacGyver!

Kimber Li said...

Is it my imagination or did the blurb not make it into the post?


Hi, Maureen! My memories of McGyver are vague. I think it went off the air in '92? But, I loved it. The trouble is Ophelia is a lot smarter than me, so now I have to figure out how she figures things out and, well, I transferred out of high school chemistry at the first possible moment. I transferred into Elective History, which I aced, but still I can't count to five with my mittens on. (((sigh))) Good thing I have smart friends, smart children, and a library card. Did you know some people actually think you don't have to do research when you write fiction?

Maureen said...

Kimber, this is why I write pure paranormal fantasy and make up my own worlds... I hate research! ;-)

Well, if you want her to echo MacGyver, give her a swiss army knife and have her always carry string and duct tape. Then...maybe you can slide over the details?

Maybe find a book on science projects and somewhere in there, you'll find methods to use for thwarting villains at a later date!

Good luck!

Kimber Li said...

Good ideas, Maureen! I've done tons of science experiments with my children over the years and duct tape is an Alaskan necessity. I'll have to ask my husband about the Swiss Army Knife.

Tia said...

Kimber, the blurb is there in black text. I thought you did it on purpose!

I've read the opening chapter--just got past the stampede.

Kimber Li said...

Hi, Tia!

That's funny. The text isn't showing up on my screen at all.

Stampede! I've got a funny picture from the Running of the Reindeer from the Fur Rondy celebration in Anchorage a couple years back. It's on my Ophelia Dawson Chronicles blog right now, just scroll down. It gives you an idea of the reindeer stampede in Sugar Rush, I think, but in this real life case the humans are stampeding with them! We do things like that sometimes in Alaska. I draw the line at the Polar Bear Swim though. I mean, sure, there are no live polar bears involved, but that water is COLD!!!

Tia said...

It's black on black text. I had to highlight it to see it, which is why I thought you did it on purpose.

Kimber Li said...

I tried that and it worked. Thanks, Tia.

My daughter would say, "I suspect a Newblood attack is imminent." She made that up after reading Sugar Rush. Now, she says it whenever there's a technological glitch.