Friday, October 29, 2010

Just the Facts Friday ~ how well do you know Kathleen Gallagher?

Get to know one of our new authors, Kathleen Gallagher!

1. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and devour the candy that my kids were selling for the Boy's Club.

2. When I'm home alone, I turn on my favorite Broadway soundtracks, and sing along.

3. I love old black and white movies.

4. I don't like snow.

5. I love dolls.

6. My favorite color room is lavender.

7. I love horror flicks, but when I watch them alone, I freak out.

8. I watch marathons of VH1's, Classic Rock.

9. I listen to classical music, too.

10. I've read all the Nancy Drew mysteries.


Maureen said...

You love dolls????


Valerie Mann said...

I love Nancy Drew, too!! I have a small but growing collection of Nancy Drew hardcovers. Not that I'll probably ever read them again but just seeing them on my shelf is so cool and brings back great memories! Welcome to Decadent!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Val, I could not believe you found the cover. It does bring back memories. It's perfect, and the Bogie and Bacall pic is great. There's a story behind them, but we'll save that one for another time.

Maureen said...

I must admit, I did read Nancy Drew, but my fav was Trixie Beldon! And some dolls are good...I still have my Ragedy Ann!

Valerie Mann said...

Does anyone remember the Bobbsey Twins? And of course, Nancy Drew wannabe's, the Hardy Boys. I refused to read them, I felt like I was a traitor to Nancy. LOL

Kathleen said...

LOL. I read them all!

Deena said...

Nancy Drew, Bobbsey twins, Hardy Boys! Oy! Read 'em and introduce my students to them for mysteries. lol As for VH-1 classics, Kathleen, I am right there on the couch with you. :) Come to think of it, after rereading your facts... are you inside my head?

Author Leanne Dyck said...

I have a collection of black and white movies. Love 'em.