Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maggie and Ian's Top 10...

Maggie shares some things about Ian…
He has the most gorgeous sky blue eyes, like looking at a summer sky and wanting to just sigh in happiness.
His shoulder-length dark brown hair is so thick, so soft and I can’t keep from running my fingers through it.
He always looks like he needs a shave. God, how I love that look!
His Scottish burr makes me hot all over. It’s like this crazy, sensual purr. Hot, hot, hottt!
He gets the cutest look when he’s irritated with me over something (which I don’t understand, because I’m so perfect all of the time). These pair of lines crease his forehead, another pair dance together between his thick, dark eyebrows, and his lips sort of purse in consternation.
Have I mentioned his lips? Kissable…oh, yeah, very kissable.
He has this amazing body, runner lean and mean and oh so touchable. A simple touch of my fingers and that six-pack goes all fluttery; his chest expands as he draws in a shuddery breath. And when I start trailing my tongue up from his oh-so-adorable navel (he wouldn’t like that description, macho man and all…), he groans and can’t be still at all.
He has this fascination with my bare butt, which is absolutely okay with me.
His hands…his fingers…all I can say is they’re Wonderful with a capital “W.”
He loves me, every quirk of mine and all. It doesn’t get better than that.

Ian shares some things about Maggie…
Those brown eyes of hers turn to molten dark chocolate when I… Well, when I touch her in just the right places.
There is nothing better than having that mass of long, pale blond hair draping down over me, tickling my chest, when she plays wild cowgirl and shows me her skills at riding.
Her skin is so soft, so creamy…so soft. I have to touch her every chance I get.
Her voice gets all breathy, all God-help-me sensuous, when we’re…uh, I’m sure you understand.
When she’s frustrated with me (which I don’t know why because I’m perfectly reasonable all of the time), her eyes flash with a spark of brown fire. Her pretty little bow mouth tightens and all I can think about is kissing the devil out of her.
She has this sassy way of swaying her hips sometimes, usually when she is trying to get my attention. She doesn’t understand that to get my attention all she needs to do is be anywhere near me. I want her with every fiber of my being…all the time.
Her body isn’t perfect, or so she tells me. She’s wrong. It’s absolutely perfect to me. I don’t see these imperfections she keeps talking about. I see a woman who makes me so damn hard I can hardly walk at times.
Have I mentioned her ass? Love it. Especially when it is deliciously bare and turned up over my knee. And I don’t have to spank it to enjoy the moment. Okay, a few light smacks are always good…for both of us.
1.   She has small hands, but what she can do with them…. When she takes my cock in those hands… Even better, when she puts those sexy lips around…
2.   She loves me with all of her heart. I’m so damn lucky.


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The hottest ten I've ever read. *fans self*

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It was great fun to come up with these juicy little tidbits.