Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fruit Brings Out the Wild Girl In Me

by Maureen O. Betita

I’ve been known to get a little wild, especially when presented with a pineapple. You see, there is something about the acid in fruit. One summer, in band camp…


This is an emergency interruption of your regular blog.
Invaders have been seen on the streets of Tortuga!
All residents are to be on alert for strangers in wool outfits from another era, dark colors, very pale skin. They will smell of grease, oil and strange metals. Most often wearing goggles.

DO NOT APPROACH! These are the forerunners of an invasive force. If you suspect you’ve spotted an invader from Novan, send word to vampire King Keitran or Michael March, of the Cursed Quill.

The pirate paradise of Tortuga needs you to be alert! So, put that glass of rum down, sharpen your blade and man the crows nest!
Prepare to fight for freedom. Bring your pistols, cutlass, blunderpuss, cannon, sword, slingshot, staff, claymore…uh…large club…and all to the harbor!
This has been an emergency interruption of your regular blog. Thank you!


Yup, I love pineapple and they do tend to bring out the kink in me.
Now, I have a new book coming out this week. The Chameleon Goggles is the second book in the Kraken’s Caribbean series. Full of steampunkvspiratepunk adventures! If you want to see how it all turns out…get thee to the e-book store and prepare to download the rollicking adventures of the Kraken’s Caribbean!

Keep an eye out on my blog and author FaceBook page…I’ll be giving away some swag to celebrate soonest!

and (Where I babble as 2nd Chance, the bartender of a ship full of writing pirates.)


Barbara Elsborg said...

Darn it, I'm running in the other direction. I forgot to sharpen my cutless and I know for a fact the parrot needs feeding. I'll be back as soon as I've - er - done the ironing.

Congrats, Maureen. Sounds a right romp as we'd say in the UK!!

Maureen said...

Wow, where did my blog go!? I had no idea the emergencey blogcast network for Tortuga was so effecient!

And I really put myself out there with the truth about pineapple and me... Oh, well!

And emergency is an emergency!

Thanks, Barbara...I knew I'd forgotton to iron my parrot...

JM Lange said...

Congrats o the new release! So excited to read the next adventure, from my favorite Queen of Pirate Punk!