Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Three T’s for Mia

Strawberry Kiss' heroine Mia has some thankful, thoughtful and thirsty things on her mind!

Thankful I am thankful for nosey meddlesome sisters who only have the best interest of the ones they love at heart. I’m also thankful that the gaming convention is over and I don’t’ have to speak in front of an audience for at least another year.

Thoughtful. As you can imagine with a long distance relationship I am ever thoughtful about Gavin these days. We see each other most weekends, he comes to see me on weekends where his son, Grady, is at his ex’s house and I go there when Grady is with Gavin, so it doesn’t interrupt Grady’s schedule. But the weeks are long and I miss Gavin dearly when he isn’t around.

Thirsty, its been 4 days and 4 longer nights since I’ve seen Gavin so I’m thirsty for him…oh you meant Drinks now that was embarrassing, can you delete that first past.  Well then at the moment I have a thing for anything Strawberry but I guess that’s not surprising.. My new favorite drink is Sex on Ice.

Here is the recipe:
Sex on Ice

1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz  Razzmatazz liqueur  (I just love that word Razzmatazz)

Blend all the ingredients above with crushed ice and blend until it reaches the desired consistency. Pour unstrained into a cocktail glass and garnish with whipped cream and a cherry. (or even a strawberry if you prefer)


Barbara Elsborg said...

The drink soundds fun!! Husband bought a bottle of strawberry daquiri the other day - arrrgggg - tasted like cough medicine - definitely need to mix from scratch!

Ann Mayburn said...

Is it bad that I just sent hubby out to the store to buy these ingredients? :D