Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Play a Game with Diane Alberts!

For this Wild Wednesday, I’m going crazy and making YOU blog with me. How am I doing that? Well, I am making you read nine truths and a lie about me and you has to guess which one is the lie! Tomorrow, I’ll come and tell you which one it was. 

I moved across the country without first securing a home on the other side.

I had my daughter when I was seventeen, and never went to college.


I saw all five members of the band Barenaked Ladies naked.

I, at one time in my life, had nine piercings on my body.

I once found a tarantula in my daughter’s bedroom.

I have three tattoos.

I am terrified of horror movies ever since seeing 13 Ghosts.

I bungee jumped off a bridge over a raging river.

I used to steal my sister’s money all the time as a kid,
and my parents told her to hide it better.

 I drank wine on a ship with one of the most talented singers to ever grace the earth.
Look for Reclaimed and Kill Me Tomorrow,  both from Decadent Publishing.



Jessica McHugh said...

I'm going to guess the lie is "I saw all five members of the band Barenaked Ladies naked."

Ryssa Edwards said...

I'm guessing . . . you didn't really move across country without a house waiting for you? Because . . . hey. . . that would scare me to death!

Maureen said...

I'm guessing you're really scared of horror movies!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Bungee jumping? I couldn't do that.

Anonymous said...

One of you is right! The lie is......Bungee jumping! I'm too scared of heights to do that!

Ryssa Edwards said...

Thanks, Diane!

That was fun

Barbara Elsborg said...

Oooh I was right!! See, we can be chicken together! No way am I throwing myself off anything tied to a piece of elastic!

Anonymous said...

@ Ryssa- thanks for playing!!

@Barbara- I know, right? Hell to the no!