Friday, September 2, 2011

Dedication for my Fans!

Hello Everyone. Contest time!

Now this contest is something different than most people are use to. This contest is open to everyone, my old fans as well as new one ones.

This contest is reader interactive. Ooooh!


In order to participate you have to have read FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. It’s an IR/Menage.


My editor Valerie Mann, was so enamored by the secondary character Jerry, she wanted to see him have his own story. He’s the mutual best friend of Marty and Olivia. They all have a past.

So this is what I need you guys to do after you read the book.

Hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of the dynamics of the relationship. After pondering what you read, I would like you to send me ideas for Jerry’s story.

There are so many options:

Will his story take place pre-Marty and Olivia?
Will his story take place with Marty pre-Olivia?
Will his story take place post Marty and Olivia? How will the relationship develop?
What’s the name of the heroine. Yes! You can name her!
Where will the story take place? Domestic or International?

It’s up to you guys! 


Two free ebooks of mine of your choice AND the free book that I write with your story idea with a dedication page to you!

This contest starts NOW and will end October 31st

Or get in touch with me on my blog:



Valerie Mann said...

Oh, I wish I could play! Jerry was one of my top three heroes I have ever edited. Man, he made my heart race when I was editing for you, hon! How many times did I tell you his story was BEGGING to be told, LOL! I think this contest is brilliant!

Stephanie Williams said...

Thanks so much Val. Did I ever tell you that you're one of my favorite editors? You helped made this story fun. :)

Becca Dale said...
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