Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10Q Tuesday with Grace Witzler and John Godfrey

Here's what happens when two Decadent Publishing authors sit down and have a few beers---strangeness!  Well, that's what some would call it! Deanna Wadsworth and I, however, call it inspiration!

There was much squealing in the back corner of Fricker's in Sylvania, Ohio when a 'series' was born. Granted, our 1NightStand stories stand alone, but our characters overlap in each other's stories!

That was SQUEEEE #1!

SQUEEEE #2 was doing a 10Q Tuesday, not with each other, but our characters talking to one another.

So --may I---WE-- present to you Bear It All's John Godfrey sitting at a pal's Detroit bar, The Fourth Base, answering ten questions from and about his sister Grace Witzler, the main character in my The One He Chose.   Enjoy!


Grace: What's your fondest memory of me as a child?

John: I don't know if I can pick one specific thing, Gracie, but our annual camping trip to Black Lake, Michigan always had some great memories. We stayed at Onoway State Park and Dad used to reserve that site at the end of the row with the artisan well. Remember that old rope swing on the Black River you slipped off because you got all nervous about jumping?

Grace: (((raises brows sarcastically)))Good times. Remember how the lake had leeches and we weren't allowed to pee in the camper because out Mom and Dad were so dang worried we would fill up the tank and we had to use that nasty out house?

John: (((laughing)))Oh, man did they stink when it got hot out!
The best was when we hiked up to the chalet...the one overlooking the lake... and you stepped in a puddle and tried to dry your tennis shoes on the edge of the campfire when we got back and they caught on fire!

Grace: (((gives him a teasing smirk)))I like how your fondest memories are of bad things happening to me!

John: C'mon Gracie, I don't wanna get all sappy. This is supposed to be a fun interview so I'm not gonna discuss how much it means to me that you asked me to give you away at your wedding next month. And that you asked Travis to be in the wedding party, too. That would just make us both weepy again.

Grace: Oh, alright, you big softie. You have a point. I don't need my mascara to run. Now question number two. Did you ever 'cover' for me when I got into trouble? What kind of 'trouble' was it?

John: Um, yeah. I covered for you all the time and you still owe me, I'm guessing. Your bedroom window faced that flat part of the roof over the kitchen. If Mom and Dad had known what a wild child you really were they would have given me that room.

Grace: (((grinning))) Why? so you could sneak out?

Sweet Tommy Dieter
John: (((sniffs))) Like they wouldn't have heard my big feet tromping across the roof. You slipped out like the wind. I knew you were going to see Tommy Dieter. What did you ever see in that tool? I always thought he was gay .

Grace: I used to wonder the same thing but he was a good kisser so I got over it real quick.

John: TMI! TMI!

Grace(((laughs))) Tell the readers how I reacted when you told me you were gay?

John: You just looked at me and said, 'Duh.' You're such a know-it-all.

Grace: You used to play Barbies with me, what else was a gal supposed to think?

John: I only played Barbies with you because you're my little sister! I was being nice because you didn't have anyone to play with!

Grace: (((scoffs))) I had plenty of other little 'girls' to play with. And they never confiscated Ken's friend Todd just so GI JOE could drive him all around the house in Barbie's pink Corvette.

John: (((crosses his huge arms over his chest and gives her a superior look))) You're just jealous Dream Date Todd liked Joe better than Barbie.

Grace: Thank goodness for Malibu Ken. I always preferred blonds anyway. Answer this: Mom loved who better? :)

John: Um me....sorry, you know she did! Except for that time I was sixteen and I took her car joyriding and wrecked it. Then you were the favorite for awhile. But I take her to the beauty-shop every Saturday morning to get her hair done and Travis goes over and mows her lawn, so I think I've permanently secured favorite status once more.

Grace: You two are such suck-ups. (((holds up her hand to stop him from saying anything else))) And don't even go there just because I said the word suck. This is a PG-13 blog!

John: (((raises hands innocently))) I wasn't!

Grace: Yeah right, I know you too well. What was the worst fight we had, over what?

John: When I was a sophomore in college and you threatened to tell Mom and Dad I was gay because I hadn't done it yet. I was so mad at you. I thought you were trying to ruin my life.

Grace: (((places a hand on his arm))) I just didn't want you to feel like you had to be ashamed of yourself. I was proud of you and I knew Mom and Dad would be, too. And they were, weren't they. Hell, Mom still goes to her PFLAG meetings! And Dad was never once ashamed of you like you were so worried about.

John: (((makes a silly face to cover his awkwardness))) Okay, okay. You told me when I agreed to do this interview you wouldn't get too serious on me.

Grace: Fair enough. Now, if you could use only ONE WORD to describe me, what would it be?

John: My first thought is bossy and overbearing but that's two words.

Grace: (((smacks his arm))) Hey!

John: Okay, if I have to pick a word to describe you it would be honest. Even when I didn't want to hear it...you always told me the truth.

Grace: Awww, that's sweet. Now its your turn to be honest. Did you ever have the hots for any of my boyfriends?

John: Um, no. You have the worst taste in guys.

Grace: Do not! Have you met my fiance?

John: (((shrugs teasingly))) A blind squirrel finds a nut once and awhile.

Grace: Whatever. What is one thing that only YOU know about me?

John: That you had a poster of Jon Bon Jovi on the back of your bedroom door and you kissed it goodnight every night until you were fourteen.

Grace: (((jaw drops))) I can't believe you remember that. I'm so embarrassed!

John: Well, you asked!

Grace: If I could live anywhere, where would it be?

John: That's easy. Somewhere you could see the mountains. But you'd have to make the rest of us move with you because you couldn't live without your family close by.
Maybe Matt Groening did have us in mind!

Grace: Who is my best friend?

John: Um...me, ding-dong!

Grace: (((rolls her eyes))) Jeez, how lame is that?


ABOUT WENDY: Wendy is a displaced Cheesehead, proud to have been born and bred in Wisconsin. She was a migrant worker for years in the radio business, until she landed in Ohio and refused to leave. She shares her clean, yet perpetually dusty, house with her wonderful chef husband and two spoiled-rotten cats.
ABOUT DEANNA: Bestselling erotica author Deanna Wadsworth leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her hubby of 14 years and three demanding little dogs. She has a fascination with the exotic and taboo but it is her infatuation with love in all its stages and incarnations which made her chose to write romance with spice and love without boundaries.


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Gabby-Lily Raines said...

Wonderful interview!

I've been fortunate in snagging Bear It All already and have really liked it.

*grins* I like the interaction between the two siblings in this post.