Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spotlight Sunday with Rita Hestand!

Do I believe in ghosts?
Well, yes and no.  I've  seen a real orb before, that moved on it's own, had it's own light and there was nothing in front of it like a flashlight and nothing behind it.  It was just there. That I have seen with my own eyes and my aunt and grandmother saw it too. But to see a ghost, I've never seen one.  However, at night when I'm in bed, I have felt someone pull my toe before, several times on different nights.  Do I believe in ghosts. I'm not sure.  I believe in unexplainable things, yes. I have seen an orb, yes. But not the walking around, looking like  a person kind of ghosts, no.

What would you find under my bed?
A little bit of everything, from shoes I've tossed, to stuff I drop and don't pick up.  A plastic box of books, curtain rods, maybe even a dirty sock. Things I can't find anywhere else.  You really don't want to go there, and oh yeah, probably an inch of dust.
Morning person or a night person? 
I'm not sure about that one.  Because I can get up pretty easily in the morning and get gong with a cup of coffee.  But I can also stay up late and work till the wee hours without too much stress.
So I'm not sure which one I come under.  Maybe a little of both and depending on the day.

What do I do to unwind and relax?
There are several things.  When I have been writing a while and get tired I play a game called Math Match and try to beat the computer.  I watch a lot of old movies. I have a ton of favorites too, anything from musical like an old Gene Kelly and Judy Garland movie, to a western with John Wayne. Sometimes I go seek my grandkids out and play a board game with them or just hang out with them, they are always full of ideas. 
New York or LA?
Wow that's a hard one, let me tell you why.  I like New York for all the sites and things you can do there, like seeing the statue of Liberty, Going to Radio Music Hall, taking in a Broadway show, looking down from the Empire State Building.  In LA, I would hang out in Hollywood, at the movie lots if they'd let me.  Go to all the places they go, see their homes. Either one would be a lot of fun.  But I guess New York would be my choice because of the volumes of things you can do there.  

What makes me happy?
My goodness what a question.  Well, a mockingbird singing his heart out to me, even wrote a poem about the mockingbird.  Watching my favorite movies on TV. See my grandkids accomplish something and smile about it.   Like graduating from high school, or competing in dance competitions, or just learning to do something well, like learning to drive a car. Paying a bill off. Finishing a book  and selling it.  Eating a good meal, like catfish and red beans. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

If I could apologize to someone, who would it be?
My mother for all the hard times we had, the arguments we have had and the misunderstandings we have had all through her life. But she's gone now and that won't happen, although I tried.

When do I write, DAY/NIGHT, and how long?
Well, that is varied from day to day. Sometimes I get up and begin writing with my cup of coffe, other days I stay up late and work into the night.  How long, well, that could depend too. If I am hot on a book, I can write for hours.  If I'm just beginning only a short while usually.  If I get stumped abouat something, I like to sleep on it.  Usually the reason I can't work any longer is I'm tired and need to rest.  Sometimes I might write most of the day.  Sometimes I barely write anything.  

If I were to write a series what would it be about?
I have written a series, The Travers Brothers, a contemporary romance series about 4 brothers on the 4 Bar None Ranch.  All single, all about to find the woman of their dreams. There was Deke who thought he'd teach his brothers they needed to marry and settle down to ranching life. And Rusty the one that was obligated to repay an old debt for his family, and Clint, the rodeo bull rider who nearly lost the only woman he ever loved, and Jake, the one who was meant for better things than ranching, but  would his family understand where his heart lay? See the Travers Brothers series at, and Barnes And

What's my favorite meal:
Two really, grilled steak and baked potato.  And fried catfish and red beans.  Either one of these is tops with me.  Give me a big thick rib eye steak grilled to perfection and tender you can cut it with a fork, or fried catfish with red beans, and I'm in heaven.


Maureen said...

Yum, catfish! Though I take it blackened... Man, made myself hungry!

Samantha Gail said...

You're making me hungry too! Better see what hubby's got planned for dinner:)

kathleen said...

Playing with my grandsons hits the top of my list for happy days, too, Rita.

Now, if I can have them over to watch an old movie, and grill a steak, life would be perfect.

JM said...

MMm, steak. I'm definitely a carnivore at heart. If you're ever in Lexington, look for a place called Malones. Phe-nom-e-nal!
I'll have to look up your series at Smashwords!