Thursday, April 9, 2015

Worldbuiling Can Make a Girl Crazy

World building can make a girl crazy. Especially a writer. I have a new contract with Decadent for a Beyond Fairytales story. Instead of Beauty and the Beast...think Beauty and her Beasts. *Grins* Yeah, because I like my heroines feisty I had to give her a real challenge. Well, two of them. But, shoot. That was the easy part. Now I had to figure out where and when to write the dang story.
That’s when I thought about some of the dystopian stories that have been so popular both in the new adult and the erotic romance genres. Oh...hell yeah! Wait can I say hell here? Anyway. So since I live in SoCal I couldn’t imagine setting the story anywhere else...even after an electromagnetic pulse destroyed everything.
Once I figured out how I would destroy the world as we know it and then reshape civilization to meet my needs, I had to rename it. San Diego became Epsilon. I then had to do some imagining. I had to imagine what my characters would look like. How they would dress. How they would get around. I relied on Pintrest to help me get my imagery together and Slacker Radio to shape things musically.

Pintrest Boards
Slacker: Beast MC Radio

Here are the marriage vows used in Epsilon when anyone is married, just swap out the number for the correct one for the ceremony.

We are three. Three bodies, three souls, three hearts.
Three together is stronger than each alone.
Where one is weak the others will be strong. When one is in need the others will give.
Pure of heart, clear of soul, jealousy will have no hold.
We are three. Three bodies, three souls, one heart.

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