Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top 5 Reasons for Reading Medical Romance

 By Nana Prah

What makes reading and writing medical romance so much fun? Lucky for you that I have a top five list to explain this very phenomenon.

1. There’s a saying that authors should “Write what you know.” Being a nurse, I love to share how good the profession is, how hard the work is, and how much we love our jobs (for the most part).
2. Nurses rock! Enough said about that.
3. The medical field is expansive. There are different branches of nursing and these each make for a unique story.
4. Medical romances have a reputation. A dirty one. There’s a rumor circulating that doctors and nurses get “hot and heavy” in any available hospital closet. We’ve all seen that happening on every medical television series, right? You’re wondering if its true?  Um…. Well, hmmm. Just kidding. For me, no. I can’t speak for anyone else now can I?
5. Stories set in hospitals are fascinating, because let’s face it, medicine is an awesome field. Esi, the heroine in Destiny Mine, is a midwife. Delivering babies is her specialty so the reader gets immersed in that world of the miracle of new life.
And there you have it folks. I hope I’ve turned you on to medical romances. Is there anything you’d like to add to the list about what interests you about medical romance?

The Blurb
Extraordinary midwife, Esi Darfour, is looking to get married.  She’s a master matchmaker but has no luck when it comes to her love life and has yet to find a man worthy of her. Until she has to deal with gorgeous Dr. Adam Quarshie outside of work.
Adam is a player who refuses to get married—ever. His interest lies more in getting her into bed than in having any kind of committed relationship. Esi’s matchmaker instincts warn her to run in the other direction as quickly as possible, but her heart insists she stay…get closer…and see if what they feel for each other can change his mind.

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Liv Rancourt said...

Doctors are like vampires. Throw one into the mix, and you have an instant source of drama & conflict. And nurses? There need to be more medical romances written by people who know nursing, because most of the time the nurse characters make me want to throw my kindle at the wall.

Nana Prah said...

Lol, Liv. Why do they portray nurses as so cheap? We know our value. I love the doctor/vampire reference.

Jillian David said...

As a fellow, um, vampire… I can say that even within my regular day to day practice, there are great moments of drama. Pick some of the best events from nursing or medical practice, and embellish -- now there's a great situation for a romance novel! I love the midwife aspect of your book, Nana. It looks like a great read!