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Perfectly Imperfect: Why I Write the Characters I Write

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by J.M. Dabney

When All Else Fails, book 1 in the Sappho’s Kiss Series, released December 5, 2014 was a long time coming. I wrote it over a year ago and finished book 2 quickly thereafter (not yet submitted). Along with the panic that comes with New Releases and the ‘Everyone is going to hate it’ mindset I also look at the other characters I’ve written.
I’ve written LGBT and het characters, I don’t see the difference. You’re writing about two people falling in love and all the trials involved. I simply love writing people finding what they always longed for and hopefully I did them justice.
The type of characters I’m drawn to are insanely varied. Perfection never weighs into the equation of character makeup. I like flaws, scars and quirky attitudes with just the right amount of sarcasm/humor to try to mask the imperfections. When I wrote When All Else Fails it started as a chapter I never knew what to do with. I set it aside for months and the story found new life in what became Sappho’s Kiss Series.
Andrea Slade’s strong and successful, yet has her inferiority issues. Eva Lange embraces her curves, loves each one, but even the most confident have that one or two flaws that drive them insane with self-doubt. Insecurity is human nature and I write about all the non-pretty things.
Fiction is fiction, a place to get lost between the lines of pretty prose and daring drama, but the appeal for me is character driven. A story lives and dies in the WIP folder on whether I love the character involved.
That’s why I love Andrea and Eva, I pulled for them in my own mind and smiled with they smiled. An emotional investment made. Hopefully readers will find the same investment in the characters I easily fell in love with from Chapter 1. Two people finding love where they least expected and the family they always wanted in the fictional Colton, Maine Pride District.

Don’t be shy, come, and join the ladies of Sappho’s Kiss in When All Else Fails. With pride, I share Andrea and Eva with you.

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   Out and proud Andrea Slade carries around doubts soul deep, her family and job have taught her hard lessons about love. When she meets Eva Lange and starts working with the beautiful, curvy woman, she wants things to be different. Although, she settles for being her friend and boss.
   As time passes, Andrea finds it’s not an ideal situation, but she tricks herself into thinking that it’s for the best. That is until the sexy, femme fatale shows up in her office one day in a figure-hugging outfit with plans for seduction.
   Full-figured Eva is in touch with her body, embraces the curves, but part of her looks at successful and gorgeous Andrea and decides friends is better than a failed love affair with the somewhat jaded and commitment-phobic divorce attorney. That is, until she decides to take what she wants.
Despite scars and insecurities, when all else fails, there’s love.

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