Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Raygan? Why Now?

I happened to be talking to someone the other day about my Zero, Ohio series. The person wanted to know if there would be more stories forthcoming. I told her yes! She wanted to know who got the next story. Raygan, I replied.
Raygan is the bartender and now owner of Eight Ball. Want to find a date, go to the Eight Ball. Want to find the love of your life? He might be there, too.
So why write about him now? The reader wanted to know if Raygan signaled the end of the series.
Well…yes and no. Raygan could signal the end of the series, but why? I like the guys of Zero and am not ready to let them go. But he could signal the end. He’s the owner of the bar and if he gets his happy ending, then there wouldn’t anyone left in Zero to pair up. Raygan even asks that question in the book.
Now to the title questions. Why Raygan and why now? Raygan needed his story told. The guy has been through a lot, even if his struggles haven’t been shown in the story so far. He needs to have someone who cares about him and to help buoy him. So why now? Because he was the logical next person. Sam, Mike, Cary…they’ve all gotten their heart’s desires. It’s Raygan’s turn.
Will there be more Zero stories? You bet! I’m debating a couple right now. Until then, here’s the latest in the series, Redeeming Raygan. Check it out.

Redeeming Raygan by Megan Slayer
Zero, Ohio Book 5
Zero, Ohio, where the temperatures might be below freezing but you can always melt the frost with smoking hot sex. 
Two rough endings can equal one hot beginning.
Raygan Mason is done with love. After plenty of failed relationships, he wants nothing of the emotion. He’s broken inside and believes he’s not worthy of redemption …until he meets a man named after a car. Then his structured, but closed off world gets turned upside down.
Jamie “Jeep” Grusin isn’t big on love, either. Fresh out of a marriage filled with cheating and lies, he’s not looking for another partner. The writer wants a fresh start and is told Zero will cure what ails him. He’s not convinced …until he ends up at Eight Ball bar.
Can two men who think they are totally wrong for each other find out that redemption and a new start is so right?

Available October 17th at Decadent Publishing and at Amazon

And here’s a little bit more about me!
When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind.
When she’s not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school. She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best. The cabana boys are willing to serve, unless she needs them. She always need them. So be nice to Javier or he will bite--on command.
She also masquerades under the name Wendi Zwaduk and is published through many places including Decadent Publishing.

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