Thursday, October 2, 2014

“Official” Transcript of Character Interview

from Captivating the CEO
By Sara Daniel

In honor of Captivating the CEO's one year anniversary, I have asked Willow Jefferies and Colin Vanderhayden to interview each other. Here is the transcript:

Colin: I made up a list of questions for us. Do you want to ask me first, Willow, or should I interview you first?

Willow: You made up a list of questions? Are you serious? Let’s just wing it. It’ll be more fun.

Colin: I’m expecting a call in five minutes. We need to cut to the chase. First question, what are your plans for the future?

Willow: *rolls eyes* Definitely to take you to the back room and strip you out of this suit and discover if your underwear matches your blue tie.

Colin: You need a serious answer. This interview is going to be printed. For example, my plan for the next year is to increase my portfolio by ten percent, and my ten-year plan is to—

Willow: *yawwwwwn* My massages to work out your tension are obviously not having an effect. How about your plans for this weekend? You want to go skydiving and then I’ll seduce you?

Colin: *chokes on his coffee*

Willow: You’re right. Who wants to wait for this weekend? Let’s do it now.

Colin: We’re in the middle of an interview. Can we at least attempt some professional decorum and maybe one more question?

Willow: Of course. You’re running the show. How about this question? Why did you hire me as your massage therapist when I am constantly blowing off that professionalism you try so hard to maintain?

Colin: Because your hands on my neck and shoulders are heaven.

Willow: Yep, it’s definitely time for me to put my hands somewhere else that’s proven to reduce stress. *wink*

*phone rings*

Colin: That’s my call. This interview is over.

Willow: Oh yes, it certainly is. And you’re not answering that call either…

He only plans for the future. She might not have a future.

When live-for-the-moment massage therapist Willow Jeffries bursts into Colin Vanderhayden's office, she makes it her mission to loosen up the future-focused CEO, knowing each moment of the present is too precious to waste. Despite her immediate attraction, the only future she can offer is one full of heartache.

The last thing Colin needs is a flighty woman messing up his carefully-constructed plans, but her heavenly massages and addictive personality prove hard to resist. But he has no idea how sick she is.

No longer able to ignore her life-threatening medical condition, Willow slips away to spare Colin a miserable future with her. Is Colin willing to sacrifice his well-laid future plans to get Willow back?

Cupping her face with his hands and angling his mouth, he poured the intensity she'd previously only seen him devote to his work into turning her body into a tingling, craving mass of need. She loved the way he cradled her-so gentle, yet firm.
Stars danced in front of her eyes, but she willed them away to press her tongue between his lips. No matter how light-headed she became, she refused to miss a moment of the kiss. Colin's mouth made the opportunity to enjoy worth the risk of passing out. 
But, too soon, he broke off, panting, his eyes dilated with desire. “I have to get that.” 
“Get what?” His words made no sense, then her ears started ringing. No, not her ears. His damned phone. 
“Of course you do.” 
But he'd already turned his attention to a conversation he gave far more importance to than anything she offered. 
Sinking onto the couch, she pressed her fingers to her still tingling lips. Dear God, she hoped she didn't affect him as strongly as he affected her. If he became emotionally invested, she'd bring pain and misery into his life.

Author Bio:
Sara Daniel writes irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. On the personal side, she's a frazzled maid, chef, chauffeur, tutor, and personal assistant. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She follows research and new developments concerning tricuspid atresia and other congenital heart defects, and she holds a special place in her heart for “heart kids” and their families.

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