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About Wyoming and an emotional Soul Dream

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When you’re in Freewill, Wyoming, after a good lunch at Wyoming Eats, step across the street to Nina Foster Massie’s Books and More and bone up on the history of Wyoming and get some interesting facts.
Wyoming became the 44th state to join the union in 1890. Wyoming was the first U.S. state to allow women to vote--an achievement that represented one of the early victories of the American women’s suffrage movement. Today, although it is the 10th largest state by area, Wyoming has the smallest population of all the states, with just over 550,000 residents. The state is home to most of Yellowstone National Park, one of the most popular national parks in the country. Millions of tourists visit Wyoming every year to see the geyser Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the country, as well as a variety of wildlife including moose, elk, bighorn sheep, wolves, coyotes, eagles, black bears and grizzly bears.
The first historians to describe future Wyoming were Washington Irving and Francis Parkman. Irving took the journals of Captain Booneville and wrote a masterpiece; Parkman wrote about his trip over the Oregon trail in 1846. Irving was a literary giant and Parkman a historian with a novelists flare for writing well and weaving a masterful story in the process. They were both the beginnings of what would be a long line of historians.
On the crest of Medicine Mountain, 40 miles east of Lovell, Wyoming, is located the Medicine Wheel which has 28 spokes and a circumference of 245 feet. This was an ancient shrine built of stone by the hands of some forgotten tribe. A Crow chief has been reputed as saying, "It was built before the light came by people who had no iron." This prehistoric relic still remains one of Wyoming's unsolved puzzles.
Southwest of Lusk, covering an area of 400 square miles, are the remains of prehistoric stone quarries known as the "Spanish Diggings." Here is mute evidence of strenuous labor performed by many prehistoric groups at different times. Quartzite, jasper and agate were mined. Artifacts of this Wyoming material have been found as far away as the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.
The historic Indians in Wyoming were nomadic tribes known as the Plains Indians and were made up of many different tribes. Among them the Abenaki Indians, whose dream legends formed part of the plot in my book, Soul Dreams. Of all of these tribes, the Cheyenne and Sioux were the last of the Indians to be controlled and placed on reservations.
The Plains Indians were the hunters, warriors and religious leaders of their tribes, therefore, their crafts were related to these occupations. Both men and women were artists and craftsmen traditionally, each producing articles for everyday use as well as for ceremonial purposes. Usually, quilling and beading were done by women and carving was done by the men.
Wyoming also has a long history of ranching and cowboys. Today you’ll find ranches all the in size from the Medicine Bend ranch which is 950 acres to the Red Reflet Ranch at 27000 acres. Hike through the Laramie Mountains and read about the ghost stories.
Nine also has her book store on line but you need the secret password. Perhaps you can find it in one of the Freewill, Wyoming books in the Western Escapes series. Put up your feet and pull up a cowboy. You’ll love it.

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Anonymous said...

I spend so much time writing about Texas where I live that it was interesting and exciting to learn about another Western state. Now I want to visit there. Anyone out there fromWyoming?

lorimeehan said...

Wow Wyoming sounds like such a beautiful place.

Payn for Plexure said...

I have been lucky to do the traveling I did as a child Wyoming is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies. yes, Wyoming really called to me. I am so jealous that you got to travel there.

Vanessa N. said...

Great post and the plot to Soul Dreams sounds cool. I love stories that revolve around legends.

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