Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Frontier Inferno and the genesis of Castle, Alaska.

   Long, long ago…Valerie Mann and I decided we’d love to have a 1Night Stand Christmas anthology and so we invited some of our favorite authors to participate in Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand Holiday Anthology. Then…when everyone else left, I hung around and wrote my first story there. Madame Eve’s Gift.  Then…Two Men, Two Men and a Virgin, Two Dads for Christmas…and now, Frontier Inferno.
   Castle has become so real to me. Did you know that you can now get there by train? It’s true! A new line runs right to the town making it possible to get there even if you don’t like flying in very small planes. And the paddle wheeler will take you on a romantic cruise up the inlet...if you have time. Some of the shops have really stepped up to take advantage of the tourist traffic.  The hardware store in particular has some very interesting things going on…but that’s in the future.
   For now, the place’s significance is that it’s where Heather, a girl on the run, meets Chris, a firefighter hottie. But then that’s pretty significant.

   I hope you’ll enjoy this visit to Castle and its citizens. They are certainly happy to have you visit.

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 For Heather, Castle, Alaska offers many surprises. A new job—as a nanny of all things—a handsome firefighter whose charisma proves a distraction from her plans, and the danger of discovery. Heather may have to hightail it out of Castle and into the wilderness, or risk being dragged back into the very situation she’d fled.
   Romance takes a backseat for single dad Chris Elder, while he focuses on his young son and his job as a firefighter/smokejumper in the small community of Castle. But the arrival of the feisty woman from the lower forty-eight may prove more than his resolutions, or his libido, can handle.
   Can the magic of Alaska save these two from a lonely future, or will circumstances force them to step back from their Frontier Inferno?

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