Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Something Different

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Those people who know me, (all six of you) know I’m a writer of erotic romance, but I have also written four romantic suspense novels.
The first, penned when I was in my twenties – and it took me YEARS— is still in the closet. I disobeyed every rule in the writer’s handbook so it will likely stay there. It was about drug smuggling and the mafia, and a young innocent girl, set in New York and rather depressing, though because it was the first full length thing I wrote, I do have a soft spot for it.
My second suspense story is set in South America – again about drug smuggling and a young girl who gets caught in the clutches of a drug baron. That one’s partly transferred onto my computer as I reread a pile of typed pages and see if anything can be salvaged.
My fourth romantic suspense (yes, I missed three) is also a woman in peril story, this time a Russian girl who travels to Miami to find the person who murdered her family. I hope that will soon see the light of day.
My third romantic suspense was published by Decadent. It’s very much NOT their normal fare, but I was thrilled when they accepted it. It’s about a woman who’s abducted and taken on a manic cross country journey by a psychopath. Violent, dark, with rape, kidnapping and murder – this is nothing like my usual books. And despite it having a home with a company who first and foremost publish hot erotic stories, Chosen has had some fantastic reviews. Not so fantastic from those who wanted more of my other sort of work but I did try to warn people!
So if you like dark, nasty, vicious villains and plucky heroines who never ever give up – you might like to give Chosen a try. There IS a happy ever after, I promise.

Kate Evans doesn’t take risks. She chose her apartment with care—a safe district with a good neighbor—a place where she can live a quiet, unassuming, under-the-radar existence. Then she makes one mistake and opens her door to accept a delivery of flowers from a secret admirer and her life will never be the same again. A guy she’s never seen before bursts into her apartment and asks her to marry him. Jack Thompson won’t take no for an answer and drags Kate on a cross country journey to hell.
   Invalided out of the police, Nathan Beranson works as a private investigator in San Antonio, Texas where he spends too much of his time following unfaithful spouses and delivering the bad news to their partners. When his fiancée cheats on him with Jack Thompson, the half-brother Nathan’s only just met, he becomes obsessed with Jack in the same unhealthy way as his revenge-seeking clients. By the time Nathan finally realizes putting the ghosts of the past to rest is a wiser option than settling an old score, it’s too late. He’s already been drawn into his sibling’s latest deadly game and Nathan and Kate find their nightmare is only just beginning.

I’d like to offer a free e-copy of Chosen for one lucky commentator. 


Arlene said...

Good thing you don't write only thrillers like Chosen. I'd never get any sleep. Jack is the most intriguing sociopath I've ever read. If anyone reading this hasn't read Chosen yet, you're missing one hell of a ride.

Jessica E. Subject said...

I think it's great that you write different genres! No need to enter me, as I already have Chosen.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks Arlene and Jessica!