Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sneak Peek at a little backstory from Hero Worship

By Kimberly Quinton

I was asked recently if I was planning to write any more stories set in the same world as Hero Worship, my superhero romance. I enjoyed writing that story very much and it was the only one I’ve written that just seemed to flow right onto the page. So yeah, I’ve been thinking and dreaming about that world for a while!

Am I kicking myself for killing off all the Heroes except for Cole? Definitely. Doesn’t mean there couldn’t be an exception… But, when I started thinking along those lines, I had to pull out my notes on the backstory. Many writers have them—pages and pages of information about the world, the couple, their life before meeting each other, and in Hero Worship’s case, just what made him a superhero and why. Very little of this actually went into the finished manuscript. I thought I’d share a little with you and perhaps give me a reason to revisit the world I loved writing about.

What you know:
H.E.R.O. stands for Human Enhanced Rogue Operative, a special forces unit utilized to facilitate world alliance government security protocols.

What you don’t know:
The Heroes were the product of many years of secret government experiments to create genetically enhanced humans. When the experiments were exposed to the public, the resulting scandal shut the operation down. The children that had been created were taken to a secret location and raised as brothers (Indeed, some of them were twins) and trained to be Heroes. They, the dozen of them, grew up to be the world’s security force.

I created names for them all even though they were never going to be on the page. The original twelve Heroes: Aristos, Biton, Cole, Eliud, Endymion, Galen, Hector, Illias, Jairus, Kairos, Lux, and Lachlan.

Who knows? Maybe someone survived the attack or maybe, since genetic manipulation created them in the first place, there is another secret group waiting for their chance to be Heroes?

An Old Threat Returns…. 
After twenty years confinement on an island for crimes against humanity, the last thing disgraced H.E.R.O. Cole wants to hear is the world needs him. But the government’s sexy envoy peaks his interest and his honor. 
Enhanced human and the government’s top negotiator, Caroline Sparks’ only mission is to bring in the last H.E.R.O. at any cost. When he asks for two months with her on his island when the mission is over, she can’t refuse even if it means exposing a secret he might kill her over. 
Battle to save the world…. 

With disaster looming at every turn, Cole must choose between vengeance and duty. Can Caroline embrace her latent power and save her hero or will saving the world cost them both everything?

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