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The Naughty North Pole—Book 4.5

~A Christmas Quickie with Pip & Erik~

**This blog contains mature content**

By Deanna Wadsworth

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   Cheers exploded in the Lunch Hall as Lord Claus—better known around the world as Santa—rocketed into the starry night aboard his magic sleigh to commence his famous Christmas Eve ride. This year’s reindeer promised another record-breaking time. The cosmic trail disappeared and a swell of pride filled me, knowing that I had a hand in helping make Christmas bright for millions. I suppressed a shiver when the giant launch doors were closed behind the sleigh, sealing out the frigid air.
My name is Erik and I am the Lead Handler of Lord Claus’s reindeer. I see to the breeding, overall care and health of the reindeer, and I supervise the day-to-day maintenance of the large stable complex at the North Pole. I loved my job and the honor of working for the kindest demi-god in all the realms, but tonight the last thing I had on my mind were reindeer.
   What had kept me going as my team and I prepared the animals had been thoughts of spending the holiday with my partner and lover—Pip.
I spied him among the crowd, his laughter as he chatted with his friend, Lisa, music to my ears.
   After two years together, my desire for Pip had not waned. If anything, it kept growing stronger.
   I wove through the throngs of enthusiastic elves, impatient to be near Pip. Voices chattered, echoing around me, as my fellow workers anticipated the reading of Mrs. Claus’s List, all of us more than curious about who would be spending the night in her chambers. I thought about the candidates waiting in a room off the Great Hall and how two years ago I’d been one of them, nervous and anxious.
   But being picked from Ms. Claus’s List had changed everything for the better.
That night I’d met the love of my life.
   “Hi, baby.” Sidling up to my petite Light Elf, I leaned in and claimed his sweet lips in a kiss.
   After making a startled sound, Pip surrendered. Hot passion surged through my every nerve, and my body hardened in want. Never tiring of his delicious taste, I buried my tongue into his mouth. I drew his smaller body tight to mine, until I could feel his groin pressed against my thigh. I wound my fingers in his soft blond hair, always wanting, needing more of him.
   Before things got too heated, I withdrew.
   “Wow.” Eyes closed, Pip wore a delirious smile which melted my heart every time I witnessed it. “That was some kiss.”
   I brushed a lock of golden hair behind his ear. “Hi.”
   He rocked his hips into me. “Hi, back atchya.”
   “That’s my cue to motor,” Lisa declared with a laugh. She scurried off, calling out to a group of girls headed to the Great Hall. “Wait up!”
   “Bye,” Pip said offhandedly, his attention and hands still on me.
   “You ready to go?” Releasing the embrace, I took his small hand in mine, eager to get to the party, too.
   Every year since I could remember, Lady Frieda hosted a North Pole Christmas Eve bash while her twin brother, Lord Claus, delivered toys. The culmination of all our year’s hard work, the party offered a chance for us to let our hair down and give into our baser natures. A brilliant leader, Lord Claus worked us hard but fair, and he wasn’t keen on elves having sex during lunch breaks. Yet today we had an entire day to indulge in every erotic delight we could think of during the wildest party in the North.
   No wonder every elf in the Workshop was jittery with excitement!
   Pip gave me a sly grin. “What if we skip the reading of the List?”
   Suspecting he might be up to something, I arched one brow. “Are you sure?”
   “Yup.” My heart skipped when he grabbed my hand and dragged me after him.    “You’ll like my surprise a lot more than any ol’ party we see every year.”
   “Then lead the way, my secretive little lover.”
   Like two horny youths too excited to wait, we left the dull roar of the crowds behind and hurried to our personal quarters. Since we enjoyed each other’s company so much, we decided to move in together not long after our Boxing Day tryst. Being greeted by Pip’s beautiful face after a long day in the stables or cuddling with him every morning had become the highlights of my existence. Though we had ample opportunity to fool around on any normal day, I lived to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetites. Besides, the party was an all-day affair, so there would be plenty of time to hang out with friends.
   After I got my Light Elf naked, that is.
   “What’s the surprise?” I asked. “Do I get a hint?”
    “One hint. Something’s been missing from your life, and I’m finally ready to give it to you.”
   I stopped, tugging on his hand and forcing him to meet my eye. While intriguing, his words were more serious than the tone which delivered them. “What are you talking about, Pip? What do you think is missing from my life?”
   Shifting his feet, he lowered his gaze. “Well, it’s been just the two of us for a while, so I thought....” his voice trailed off and his cheeks pinkened.
   “You thought what?” Though he exuded confidence, Pip would always have an insecure side due to his troubled upbringing. But I sensed embarrassment coming from him, not insecurity.
   That piqued my curiosity.
He flashed me a wide smile before leading me to our chambers. “Come and see. You’ll like it. I promise.”
   We entered but when he opened our bedroom door, my jaw fell on the ground.
   There, sitting on our bed, was the most beautiful Dark Elf girl I had ever seen.
   “W-what?” I spluttered and my partner chuckled. I shot him a startled look before examining the girl.
   Tall and buxom, she had glorious jet-black hair which fell over her creamy shoulders in a cascade of ebony. She smiled, warm brown eyes beguiling me with a promise of sensual pleasure... pleasure I would surely discover beneath the big red bow covering her ample bosom.
   “What’s going on?” I asked.
Pip shrugged his slim shoulders, looking very much like the cat who caught the canary. “Your Christmas-slash-two-year anniversary present. Well, rather, our present.”
   “Are you joking?”
   He rocked up on his heels. “Nope. This is Tessa. She just enrolled in Santa’s Christmas Cookie Baking School. The moment we met, I knew she was perfect.”
   “Hi,” she purred with those luscious pink lips.
   Until meeting Pip, I’d preferred female lovers. Though I enjoyed women—and always would—I had never fallen in love with one. I’d never fallen in love period until peppermint-flavored Pip waltzed into my life and stole my heart.
Though my blood stirred at the prospect of the three of us getting down and dirty, I took my partner by the shoulders and turned him to face me. With a thumb, I tipped his chin so I could study his face. My cock might want this, but I wanted Pip’s happiness more.
   I would not do anything to threaten our bond.
   Even if it was his idea.
   “Are you sure?” I asked. “I don’t want you to feel....”
   I stopped trying to find the right words when Pip patted my chest.
   “Erik, I was your first guy, and if I have anything to say about it,” he raised one authoritative finger, “I will be your only guy. But, maybe we should spice things up.”
   “I don’t need any spice, except peppermint,” I assured him. “I don’t know why you think something is missing from my life, because there isn’t. I am the happiest elf in the North Pole. I can promise you, I’ll always have everything I want, as long as I have you.”
   A sigh escaped his lips. “Okay, so maybe this isn’t just for you.”
   I flinched. “It isn’t?”
   He placed confident, slender hands on my shoulders—a bit of a reach for someone of his petite stature. “Babe, I’m not as insecure as I used to be. There’s no doubt in my mind, or my cock, that you love me and only me. But since tonight is our anniversary, I wanted to do something special. You know? Like reenacting our first time together.” He chewed his bottom lip. “I thought you would be excited about it.”
I let out a disbelieving chuckle and glanced once more at the rubenesque beauty in our bed. “Oh, I am. I just need to be sure this is what you want. I don’t ever want you to think you aren’t enough to satisfy me, or that I want something you can’t give me.”
   Making a silly face, Pip gestured toward Tessa. “Well, if you haven’t noticed, I am the one giving her to you.” He leaned into whisper, “Why do you think I picked her? Not only is she nice, but she’s twice my size.”
   “What’s that got to do with anything?”
   He scoffed. “C’mon, do you think I’m going to let someone else be the cute, little one?”  
   Laughing heartily, I placed an arm around my ingenious lover. As one, we faced our new playmate. My blood warmed as I imagined all the naughty things the three of us could do, what we might taste like together.
   Knowing my little puppet-master, however, the evening’s activities were doubtless already planned. Which was a welcome relief for an elf like me. I spent all day barking orders and making decisions. At night, I loved nothing more than laying back and trusting Pip to make the decisions for us.
“So what was this about reenacting our first night together?” I prompted.
Leaning his back against my chest, Pip crossed his arms and I embraced him as we surveyed Tessa. She shifted her long voluptuous legs and smiled seductively. 
   “Do you remember when I was a Pip-sandwich between Ms. Claus and Lars?” he asked me and I nodded. “Well, it was ah-may-zing! Guess I figured you might enjoy being a sandwich, too.”
   I threw back my head and laughter rumbled out of my chest. Pip giggled—a sweet sound that never grew old—and I squeezed him tight. “It’s funny you brought up Lars, considering what he asked me in the stables today.”
   Pip craned his neck to look up at me. “What did he ask?”
   Spinning him to face me, I cupped his cheeks and pressed my lips to his forehead.    “He asked me if I was bored only being with you.”
   Pip scrunched up his nose. “What did you say?”
   “I told him the truth. Life with you is anything but boring.”
   “Well, I do try to keep things fresh.”
   “You succeed my hopes and expectations every day, Pip.” I lowered my voice and gazed into his eyes. “I love you so much. You mean everything to me.”
   As it did each time I told Pip how much I loved him, happiness radiated from my adorable Light Elf. “I love you, Erik,” he whispered, lips trembling and lashes sparkling with sudden, unshed tears. “Every day that I wake up with you beside me feels like a dream or a fairy tale. But it’s real. I don’t ever want the magic to end.”
A burst of emotion overcame me, too, as I gazed down at the elf I loved, the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
   My soul mate. 
My heart.
   I had no doubts that the magic between us would never fade.
   Confident and bursting with gratitude and happiness, I brought our mouths together in a kiss which held the promise of forever. Everything about Pip roused my soul, and when his erection pressed against me, mine surged in answer. Eager hands glided up my back, stroking the muscles and causing my skin to flush with heat. When I drew back from the passionate kiss, breathless, my heart raced. I caressed his soft cheek with the back of my fingers, soaking in the wanton sensuality in his expression. “I love you.”
   He gave me an impish grin then pinched my bottom. “How could you not? I’m awesome.”
   I laughed.
   A throat cleared, drawing us out of our intimate moment and back to the woman in the room with us.
   Still embracing, we faced Tessa.
   She wore an amused smile. “Well, if you boys are finished, how about we get this party started?”

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Deanna Wadsworth might be a bestselling erotica author, but she leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her wonderful husband and a couple adorable cocker spaniels. She has been spinning tales and penning stories since childhood, and her first erotic novella was published in 2010. When she isn’t writing books or brainstorming with friends, you can find her making people gorgeous in a beauty salon. She loves music and dancing, and can often be seen hanging out on the sandbar in the muddy Maumee River or chilling with her hubby and a cocktail in their basement bar. In between all that fun, Deanna cherishes the quiet times when she can let her wildly active imagination have the full run of her mind. Her fascination with people and the interworkings of their relationships have always inspired her to write romance with spice and love without boundaries.

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