Monday, June 10, 2013

Falling for Water

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In a digital literary world it doesn’t rain sales and bargains, it’s more like a tsunami hits on a daily basis. Good deals splatter throughout email and Goodreads, splash over Facebook walls and so forth.
And, quite often, Decadent Publishing comes up with inventive ways to shower the reader in a fantastic downpour of sexy reads for a price few can refuse.
There is a catch. Clock’s ticking. The book for a buck sale ends in a couple weeks, and a hot, dry summer closes in.
The solution? Tell everyone in the universe to grab some great stories, save a bundle, sit back with a tall, cool glass and enjoy the summer with Preppers, One Night Stands, Something Blue, White Weddings, Amber Moons, and so on. Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner who holds a brand new Nook as well.
Happy reading!

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Susan W said...

I love the 1NS books. I've only read a couple of Prepper stories but I'm looking forward to reading more!

Arlene said...

Thanks for commenting, Susan. The 1NS series is such a fun way for so many authors to share worlds. It's lovely the series Decadent comes up with.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Already read this one and it's great!