Friday, May 10, 2013

Bleach—an aphrodisiac?

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by Stephanie J Grace

When I first heard about the prepper series, I thought it was interesting, but had to think hard about if it could work as a central theme in a romance story. I mean, what is romantic about having fifty bottles of laundry soap or a waterless toilet?

I happen to have a personal line on a few modern day parents. So, I asked about what they did, why and what they’d want ideally if all they had to do was prep with unlimited funds. I honestly thought my dad would be the one with all the ideas, but it was my mom who ran with it. She got all kinds of excited talking about water tablets and canning and sinking a bunker with multiple power sources. And all the while my dad smiled from his chair, listening in and adding a few bits once in a while, but it was my mom’s show and he looked really happy.

So, there’s passion in preppers for prepping. Where there is passion and excitement about a task, there’s the possibility to share that passion and passion begets...more passion. Even a sweet romance needs the spark, the possibility, the start. Writing Myra and Oakes’ story was such a joy (as my mother called me every week, casually asking how it was going) and this story not only nods toward prepping, but also to first love, new love and even established love still going strong. The mix...ah, it’s one I hope my mom enjoys because she’s been waiting!

Do you prep on purpose? Or maybe you’re a ‘stocker upper’? What’s your favorite thing to have on hand *just in case*?

All the best,
Stephanie J Grace Grace

Easy Peasy
Myra’s childhood in a prepper bunker facilitated her self-sufficiency, but at twenty-four, she’s tired of being a lone mitten. With her business keeping her busy, she’s not sure when she’ll find Mr. Right, but hopes he likes long walks in the park and princess movies.

Oakes Willowbee, just starting his prepping, needs all the help he can get. Former military and in over his head, he’s trying to get his life in order to be ready for a worldwide catastrophe, but he’s having a hard time getting past sheep. With Myra’s help, Oakes gets a taste of prepper life, but his fascination with preparedness might kill their budding relationship.

Despite the attraction between them, finding a balance between living and surviving could be anything but easy peasy.


Barbara Elsborg said...

ooh another angle on the prepper idea and it sounds great. My item to stockpile - toilet paper - sorry but it has to be that!

Barbara Elsborg said...
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steph beck said...

Hahaha, Barbara! Yep, TP is a stockpile here too. That's one of things you really don't want to run out of!