Friday, May 31, 2013

Arizona Dreamin'

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Arizona Dreamin' this year. It's Arizona's first romance reader's event and hosted by some very talented people. 

The smaller, regional conferences are a wonderful venue for readers, authors, and editors to get to know each other, interact, discover someone new they'd not heard of or read previously. The bigger conference are a lot of fun, but smaller cons have the advantage of more focused events and personalized attention.

At Arizona Dreamin', readers can come to see a favorite author like Belinda Boring or Cheyenne McCray, and then discover how enticing the works of Deena Remiel and Amber Scott are after chatting with them at lunch. As some larger bookstore chains don't carry small press paperbacks (yet), it's also a fantastic opportunity to get a book signed or a picture taken with someone you've read and enjoyed. Creating memories in a fun, inspiring environment with people who enjoy the same things you do? Sharing the same adoration for a certain warrior angel you've read about, or impatiently waiting for the NEXT book in a popular series is--for some-- a surprisingly strong bond between reader fans. Not for book junkies, though. We LOVE to chat about our favorite books, characters, and authors.

As an editor and publisher, I truly enjoy meeting with readers and writers. Smaller cons give me time to catch up with authors I know, maybe plot a new book or series, and spend time in person with someone I only 'see' online. That personal connection is so important in the digital age as we rush from one social media account to another to stay in touch. It also allows me to meet readers and bloggers who attend our online book club or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. I get to hear what THEY enjoy, what they like to read, and how they like to read, as well. At a regional event, there is time to have a glass of wine together and enjoy the company of new and established friends, learn a bit about each other, and talk books!

Check out Arizona Dreamin',,and see if there are other regional cons you might enjoy attending if you're a book lover. It's a nice getaway for a weekend, and no one will think you're weird if you talk about how gorgeous a guy with wings is.

Heather Bennett
Co-owner/Executive Editor
Decadent Publishing

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