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A Buck A Book, Win a Nook with Shiela Stewart!

My name is Shiela Stewart and I’m part of the Decadent ‘A Buck A Book Win a Nook Giveaway.
Not sure what that is, then let me explain. From May 13th to June 30th Decadent Authors will be posting interesting tidbits about their books, short interviews and other fun stuff. For you, the readers to be eligible to win you must leave a comment on the author’s blogs. There is a list of authors, their books and where they will be here at this address:

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Now, let me tell you about Awaken the Demon which is part of the A Buck A Book Giveaway.

Ten years ago, I woke to a horrifying dream of demons attacking humans and one woman who was on the run.  She found herself caught in a group who she thought was safe only to find herself embroiled in a battle between good and evil. Before she could run, a gunshot rang out and she felt the searing pain slice into her.  She fell to her knees, bleeding from the gunshot wound, but she didn’t die. Instead, she turned into a demon and began attacking the men around her.

I woke, sweat pouring off of me, panting as I tried to grasps what I had just dreamt. Now, most people would have been freaked out by the dream, but not me. I ran from my room, grabbed a notebook and pen, and began jotting it all down. I put my own spin on it and made it a romance.  My mind was in a frenzy with this dream. It captivated me, mesmerized me, and refused to let go. I felt like a woman possessed. I couldn’t write it fast enough. Because my dream began in the middle, I was curious how it all began. What made this young woman run away? How did she end up with this group of men who were obviously into trouble? Why had she become a demon? I needed to find out and to do that, I needed to become the women.
Missy Green was born, and she needed her story told. Thus, Awaken the Demon was born.

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To find out how she became a demon you’ll have to read the book. I know, I’m cruel, but hey, I do write about demons so is that really a surprise to you?

Now, you’re probably wondering why it took ten years to get this book published. Not for a lack of trying, that’s for sure. I entered Awaken the demon in a contest and it actually came in second place. The reason it didn’t win was that in the original, it didn’t have a happily ever after ending which is a no no in romance. So I reworked it so there was a happy ending, submitted it again to this publisher who chose it as second place and it was rejected. Why you may ask? Satan. Yes, the devil and no he didn’t make me do it. LOL  There are aspects of Satan in the book and the publisher didn’t like that the hero was a direct descendant of the big bad.  Not willing to rewrite it, I submitted it to other publishers and got the same response. “Romance Novels are supposed to be romantic and bringing in someone as horrible as Satan just doesn’t work for us.” Well hell. I get the same response time and time again. Finally I thought, okay, I’ll rewrite it. I changed it up so instead of Satan, I created the King of Demons.  And instead of Missy being a descendant of witches, I made her a descendant of angels. 
But something wasn't right. It just didn’t feel right. So I dropped it.
Awaken the Demon still possessed me and I longed to have it published. So after years of letting it gather dust on my computer, I decided to give it another shot. A friend recommended I try Decadent Publishing and so I cleaned it up and sent it in. Despite wanting desperately to have it to be published , I wasn't about to hold my breath. I knew they’d send me a rejection saying they couldn’t publish a book with Satan in it. 

Much to my surprise and delight, they accepted it. I think I nearly swallowed my tongue. I was speechless. My dreams, my passion for this book were finally coming to fruition. Missy Green and Draco Starr would finally have their story told.

Now, you may think that is the end of it. Guess what? It’s a series. After
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writing Awaken the Demon, another story came to me with as much passion as the first. Offer the Demon. It’s the story of Missy and Draco’s daughter Aurora, who, despite hating having to do it, is Satan’s minion and must collect souls for him. It’s a struggle between good and evil with an ending that will leave you gasping. But like everything else I write, it spirals into more and book three was created. Who knows, there may be more but for now, there are three books in the Demon series.

Offer the Demon is the second book in the Demon series and available at Decadent Publishing.

Dreams do come true, if you hold onto them long enough.

Have you ever experienced something so gripping that you fought tooth and nail to bring it to life? Was there a story that you wrote, or are writing that has a hold on you and tugs at your heart? 

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Awaken the Demon, and Offer the Demon available at Decadent Publishing.


June M. said...

AWAKEN THE DEMON sounds really good. I love when authors share how their books come about, and especially when they start from a dream (I generally can not remember mine and when I do they don't make any sense).

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi June and thank you for stopping in. Awaken the Demon was one of those books that clung to me and refused to let go. Of all my books, I would have to say this one is closer to my heart.

H.B. said...

Sounds great and I'll need to add them to my reading list.

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